Translated by: MOS Finesse Team- Gloria

On Oct. 1st, PRC’s National Day/National Mourning Day, 4 members from the League of Social Democrats (LSD) in Hong Kong staged a public protest while the evil police force deployed more than 8,000 manpower and exerts high-pressure and tight control. The four demonstrators were intercepted by the Hong Kong police before they set off. However, they were not afraid of intimidation. They carried the banner of “release 47 people, release all political prisoners, and implement universal suffrage throughout the country.”  They shouted slogans such as “release all political prisoners” and “release 47 people”.

When we look back on the past few national days, we can see the encroachment of Hong Kong Democracy.

In 2018, Hong Kong people can still take to the streets freely. In 2019, the evil Hong Kong police deployed more than 5,000 police. The people of Hong Kong launched a protest of “Oct 1st National Mourning, Six Districts Blossoming”, chanting slogans like,” Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times”, ” Five demands, not one less “. Protests were held in the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and other districts at the same time.

On October 1, 2020, the evil Hong Kong police deployed more than 6,000 police forces to intercept and suppress all possible protests. At least 86 people were arrested in Hong Kong that night.

The protests of the Hong Kong people have been completely silenced by the Hong Kong Communist government and the evil police within the last three years.

Proofread by: James Zoebel
Posted by: RonaldS

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