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According to SFGATE on September 30, the city of San Jose, located in the California bay area, officially apologized to local Chinese immigrants and their descendants for historical acts of fundamental injustice and discrimination. Mayor Sam Liccardo read to the dozens of Chinese Americans, allies, and public officials gathered downtown.

San Jose Apologizes for Decades of Discrimination Against Chinese - The New  York Times
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The resolution was passed unanimously by the city council, continuing to “seek forgiveness and committing to the rectification of past policies and misconduct.” The resolution detailed the numerous wrongs inflicted by the San Jose City Council, state and federal governments, and residents since Chinese Americans began immigrating to the United States in 1849. Like many historically excluded groups in the U.S., Chinese Americans contributed greatly to their local communities and economies but were targeted and discriminated against by various facets of government and society. Even when the Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed in 1943, Chinese Americans were systemically excluded from many facets of society.

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Since the CCP released the virus and introduced the vaccine to the world, it has planted the seeds of evil in United States and all over the world. Once the truth of the virus and vaccine is revealed, a global anti-Chinese movement may occur at any time. Mr. Wengui pointed out in the live broadcast on September 23 that the disaster of Chinese being excluded is coming. All farms of our New Federal State of China should be prepared to protect the safety of overseas Chinese. While spreading the truth to the world, we should vigorously publicize that the CCP is not the same as the Chinese. Before the disaster comes, we should take emergency measures for self-rescue and mutual assistance.

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