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It’s October 1st. Hello, dear fellow fighters. Look at that goose, look at it. See how at ease that goose is. It would be stewed if this were in China. It would be cooked.

Dear fellow fighters, today is the so-called “National Day” in CCP China. Didn’t “Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping)” say that there will be a grand celebration? Where is the celebration?  

Brothers and sisters, you must pay attention to the resignation of Australian officials, Japan’s entire political earthquake, the coming resignation of EU officials, British officials, and US officials. Government officials all over the world who are responsible for mandatory vaccinations will resign one after another. 

There is no live broadcast today, brothers and sisters, because I still have meetings, and many actions are taken. We must take action! I have meetings on Sunday. Many important things are happening these days. Brother-7 will chat with you when I have time. But there are just that many big events, you all know, because you are smarter than me.

Brothers and sisters, please don’t forget to send all kinds of information about vaccine deaths to your local governments and local media all over the world these days. Don’t stop, don’t stop! We are changing humankind. We are changing the world, brothers and sisters. 

We have done incredible things. See what we have done to all these rogue and ignorant officials, as well as people controlled by the dark forces in governments of various countries and people controlled by the CCP? Don’t stop, and nothing is more important than this.

Brothers and sisters, we have seen the current situation in China. The real estate market turmoil, power outages, and the face-off of Xi (Xi Jinping), Meng (Meng Jianzhu), Wang (Wang Qishan), Zeng (Zeng Qinhong), and Jiang (Jiang Zemin) has all begun. 

According to our domestic fellow fighters’ bombshell revelations, many units are gearing up for a fight with Xi for the long haul. There is a Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs named Chen Guoping. He drank so much together with Meng Jianzhu — even his stomach was ruined. I heard that he was also with Sun Lijun. He is still messing about there. Even Chen Guoping is safe. As long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fine, the Jiang family will be all right. As long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fine, Meng Jianzhu will be okay — that’s a thing I want to share.

As long as the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is fine and the Political and Legal Committee is fine, Wang Qishan will be fine. So, Xi is in danger. It is possible that he will be arrested or killed someday when he wakes up. The probability of such a major event is getting higher and higher. Not only do we think so. Now even everybody in the Western world agrees that Xi might be killed at a certain moment. They say China’s biggest destabilizing and uncertain factor is the possibility that Xi might be killed.

But brothers and sisters, is the New Federal State of China (NFSC) ready to take over China? Are we capable of forming a transitional government in China? Are you ready? If you don’t even have the ability to spread the truth about the vaccine, how can you take charge of a country? 

Don’t say anything. We must take action. Brothers and sisters, there is nothing to say. On Sunday morning, the live broadcast will start at 8:30 New York time — let’s say nine o’clock, big live broadcast, big live broadcast. That’s it, brothers and sisters. I will report to you later.  Thank you.