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In his live broadcast on September 29th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo talks about the causes of the electricity shortage in China, the corruption in the power industry, the CCP’s crackdown on Huobi, and the future of the Himalaya Coin. Below are the highlights.

The mandatory vaccination policy has changed. The Hong Kong dollar will fade away. Labor costs will rise.

During the last broadcast, the whole world mandated vaccination, but by today, the strictest governments of Australia, Canada, and Germany have all taken a softer stance. Forced vaccination is basically over in Australia and halfway over in Japan as well. Kishida is partially our brother in arms, but he has too many interests in China. Tsai Ing-wen, the stupid woman, will ruin Taiwan. The US has finally realized that vaccination may not only destroy the US but also decimate the world.

Regarding the Hong Kong dollar, the Hong Kong government officials said it would study using yuan in Hong Kong stock trading. Doesn’t it imply that the Hong Kong dollar will disappear? I said labor would be very costly. Now in the UK, a random fruit picker or a cleaner makes 700,000 RMB a year. Labor is too expensive. On the contrary, wages of high-tech employees are declining.

Google blocked keywords related to Miles Guo.

Now people can’t do searches without Google. “Guo Wengui and vaccines,” “Guo Wengui and Himalaya Coin,” and “Guo Wengui and Gettr”  are keywords strictly blocked by Google.

Communist China has the highest total electricity consumption in the world, yet consumption per capita is low. Falsifying electricity usage is a common trick to increase government revenue.

The commercial electricity price in Mainland China is 2 yuan/kWh, and residential electricity costs 60-70 cents/kWh. Hong Kong electricity is almost the most expensive in the world. The US residential electricity price is $0.13 a kWh, and industrial electricity is 6.53 cents a kWh. China uses 8.7 trillion kWh of electricity per year, and the US uses 4.5 trillion kWh. China consumes almost twice as much electricity as the US. A ton of coal generates 8,400-8,700 kWh of electricity, and one kWh is priced at 70 cents, so a ton of coal can generate 6,000 yuan of electricity.

On average, an American consumes roughly 500 kWh of electricity per month, nearly 6,000 kWh per year. China’s per capita electricity consumption is between 60-67 kWh per month or about 700 kWh per year. The Chinese use twice as much electricity for industry as the US does. The US uses one trillion kilowatts of electricity for industry, and Chinese industrial electricity consumption is actually three trillion kilowatts a year or more.

All over the world, not just in China, falsifying electricity usage is a common means of subsidizing finances. Changing the meter numbers can quickly raise tens of billions of revenue. The average electricity used by a farm in the US to raise a donkey or a horse is 25 kWh a month.

China has 19 nuclear power plants and 32 more under construction. In the future, China will have 60 nuclear power plants. Of the 19 nuclear power plants in China, 9 to 11 are not working now, and one of the four nuclear power plants in Taiwan is operational.

How much will China make by producing 8.5 trillion kWh of electricity a year? That’s over 8 trillion yuan or over a trillion dollars. The composition of China’s GDP of tens of trillions of dollars should be understood by everyone. How much coal does China have to import? One ton of coal can produce 8,400 kWh of electricity. How many kWh of electricity can China generate in a year from imported coal?

The shamelessness of Australian politicians is beyond your imagination. Recently, the Australian Prime Minister said that President Xi didn’t call him. The Australians met with Wang Qishan. One-third of China’s one trillion electricity production per year depends on Australian coal or tens of billions of cash transactions. Australia is not anti-Communist by nature. Strictly speaking, it is anti-Xi, the result of a tug of war between the various parties. Australian politicians are some of the most rogue and trashy politicians in the world.

The three most corrupt banks in China are the Postal Savings Bank of China, China Development Bank, and Minsheng Bank.

Why does a lot of the money in Bitcoin and Dogecoin come from Australia? A lot of money from collusion with the communists comes from Australia, and there is a lot of illegally obtained money in Australia. Huobi announced that it would remove customers from the mainland. All mainland buyers of Huobi must return the money to where it came from; if not, it will be credited to designated bank refund accounts. The first is the Bank of Shanghai, the second is the Postal Savings Bank of China, and the third is the Bank of China. The Bank of China is the country’s bank to collect intelligence. The Postal Savings Bank is 100% owned by the Xi family, and its IPO is the world’s biggest case of BGY (Blue-internet, Gold-money, Yellow-sex).

The three most corrupt banks in China are the Postal Savings Bank, China Development Bank, and Minsheng Bank. The fourth is the Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China, etc. The CCP has arrested 800 executives of China Development Bank but none of the Postal Savings Bank. Recently, Industrial Bank was added to the list. These banks have 40 trillion RMB in assets. As long as no one from the Postal Savings Bank is arrested, it is not a real anti-corruption campaign.

The CCP uses Huobi for money laundering.

The price of one Huobi surged past $68 in retail trading and had a record of $100 in the hands of institutional traders, so the average price is about $50. When the financial markets were the most bullish, Huobi’s value reached hundreds of billion yuan or roughly $40 billion. The highest valuation at one point reached $60 billion during the peak of money laundering in China.

Huobi is a platform for the communists to collect intelligence and launder money abroad. Huobi is a powerful tool to obtain dirty money, black money, arms dealer transactions, and access to the dark web. In fact, banks actually open special channels for Huobi and allow overseas operations to be funded in Huobi.

How many Huobi have been sold? No one knows. Where did all the money from HNA, Liu Chengjie, Guanjun, Ye Jianming, and Xiao Jianhua go? A lot of money was put in Huobi, tens of billions of dollars. Huobi hid important secrets in Singapore and bought an exchange in Japan. Probably hundreds of billions of dollars are parked in Huobi. Getting scared, the CCP kidnapped the owner of Huobi in Singapore and sent him straight back to China. I said that Huobi would be finished, and it would end miserably.

The money that the CCP can’t steal is the safest.

The CCP has arrested all the executives of Huobi. With the books in hand, can’t the CCP confiscate the money by tapping the keyboard? No, it can’t work because of blockchain technology. Even if the CCP kidnapped people, the CCP still cannot get this money. What do you mean by blockchain? The white paper for the Himalaya Coin and G|Club is on the website, and this is the most important material you should read. There are two technologies for virtual coins. One is by Morgan. With this blockchain, I can send a coin to Brother Maoben, and every computer on the planet will record the transaction. You can never reverse the transaction. Only Brother Maoben can give the money back to me.

What is the GDP of the dark web? It’s $3 trillion now and a few tens of billions of dollars a decade ago. It grew geometrically in the past decade. The dark web’s GDP is one-fifth of the US. Where did the dark web’s domain name “Onion” come from? The US naval intelligence ran out of money for research, so it opened up the domain, and it got out of control. Later, Tor became the dark web. Why is the dark web so powerful? Because of blockchain technology. The dark web is a threat to humanity. Elon Musk once said that humans should never touch AI again. If AI is combined with biochips and applied to the dark web, the threat to humanity is more than anyone’s imagination. A chip half the size of a cell phone can store all the data since the history of mankind. The supercomputers of today are nothing in front of the biochips of the future.

More than 90% of the three trillion dollars of underground GDP are transacted in virtual coins, such as Bitcoin and Huobi. This is money that neither the Americans nor the CCP can locate. That’s the kind of money you need. This money is safe when the two legal and illegal rogues, the US and China, can’t touch it.

What’s the best way to keep the Chinese people’s money safe without devaluation?

The Hong Kong dollar will definitely disappear. RMB will turn into worthless paper. The next one is the US dollar. You can try to hold dollars at home for another year or two. Can the US dollar sustain itself if the government continues to issue excessive dollars? The fourth is the Canadian dollar; the fifth is the British pound; the sixth is the Euro; the seventh is the Australian dollar; the eighth is the Japanese yen, including Taiwan. Once Taiwan goes to war, Taiwan’s money will become worthless. The CCP will definitely attack Taiwan, or Taiwan will be sold out. No one will buy coal from Australia. Bitcoin will surely still go up quite a bit before it vanishes. The safest virtual coin at the moment is the Himalaya Coin because 20% of the value is anchored to gold. The addition of a stable coin makes good to great. A virtual currency should be bought if it has stable coins, a payment system, and a peg to gold. If you keep dollars, do you know how bad you’ll end up at the end of this year and next year? For those who haven’t been vaccinated, you will be a god in the future; you are definitely a winner. Crematoriums will be the most profitable businesses in the future. The scariest thing is that banks and currencies will be worthless. There is nothing more profitable than virtual currency and crematoriums.

Foreign exchange shortages, Xi Jinping’s need to save face, and infighting have caused power shortages in Communist China.

The root cause of the blackout in Communist China is a shortage of foreign exchange to buy coal. The CCP has $700-800 billion foreign currency reserve left. Chinese coal has a lower calorific value than Australia’s and is more polluting. The domestic coal can’t be mined. There’s no money to pay the miners, and no one in the country wants to dig coal anymore. What’s even scarier is that the CCP completely failed to anticipate the damage to China from banning Australian coal.

To save his own face, Xi Jinping would prefer freezing many Chinese people to death than buying Australian coal. The power industry mainly belongs to the Li Peng family, Wen Jiabao, and Zhu Rongji. Xi doesn’t have a stake. Xi doesn’t own the coal industry. He owns rare earth, ZTE, and low pollution industries. Australia is monopolized by a few families, and they are all connected to the Jiang faction. I am familiar with several directors and deputy directors of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). A director of the Energy Bureau of the NDRC can get 10 billion yuan as easily as you make a thousand yuan. The director of the Energy Bureau likes watches. If he is caught, they will find at least 3,000 to 4,000 watches at his home, none of which is less than $100,000. Which departments in China have big money? The NDRC, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Banking Regulatory Commission, and the Insurance Regulatory Commission.

Everyone reports to the top that Beijing’s electricity supply will definitely be met. Beijing has three lines to supply electricity, but two lines will be under maintenance for two months. Beijing is about to experience blackouts. The second focus of the current blackout is the political struggle. Xi has never touched the energy sector before. This time, the giant tiger in the electricity industry, the Li Peng family, is exposed and won’t hold up. The Li family controls the energy sector. The NDRC is very powerful.

The CCP thinks the Himalaya Coin is the only lowland where the money of all China flows.

Xi cracks down on Huobi because it is endorsed by the Political and Legal Committee (PLC). This time, the PLC will be in big trouble. The largest money launderers in Huobi are the military and the PLC. Sun Lijun, Wang Like, and Bruno Wu possesses enormous amount of Huobi. Much of Xu Jiayin’s money is in Huobi. The CCP is afraid. If they don’t crack down on Huobi, then the Himalaya Coin will be the only lowland where the money in China flows to. The PLC had meetings about preventing the Himalaya Coin from becoming the lowland where China’s wealth flows. The PLC’s estimates of the Himalaya Coin’s value grew bigger every time, from hundreds of billions at the beginning to trillions, especially after a few months of stable operation.

The G-Series and the New Federal State of China Passport

Now Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, including Google, block any truth about the vaccine. Such companies will be exterminated. In the meetings of the past few days, the moguls went crazy after hearing my speech. They asked me who relies on who, my brothers in arms or me? I said my brothers in arms will always be my strongest backbones.

In the future, all the people who own stocks in GTV can exchange their GTV shares 1:1 for Gettr’s. Investors in the new GTV already own 5% of Gettr and the Himalaya Exchange’s shares and 10% of GGlub’s shares. Gettr may go public next year. I want these institutional investors to accept these terms if they want to invest with us. After speaking of Gettr, I talked about the Himalaya Exchange. In the future, GTV shares can also be exchanged 1:1 for shares of the Himalaya Exchange. For a certain period, GClub card owners will have priority to obtain certain benefits.

In that country, a passport costs $150,000-$200,000. I want passports for the whole family at a total cost of $50,000, and the laws of that country have to be changed. I want five million passports. That country has only 100,000 or so people. The first batch of the one million passports will be 100,000 passports. At $150,000 a passport, the total cost is $15 billion, or $150 billion for one million passports. The Himalaya Exchange will invest $15 billion in that country if they agree with the terms. This passport is exempt from the visa requirements in most countries. I help the brothers in arms save $10 billion. This money belongs to the Himalaya Exchange and the shareholders of GTV and Gettr. The money will be used to acquire marina and coastline in that country as investments. That’s a million families, maybe 10 million people. Suddenly, we will be the highest net worth, youngest, and the most promising country in the world.

The New Federal State of China promotes justice by providing intelligence.

The power and magic of the Whistleblowers Movement show that we are the only ones standing amid humanity’s fear and despair. Recently Merkel and Trudeau lost big time all because of their pro-CCP stance. Trudeau had no choice but to resign in the end. Japan’s Kishida is definitely anti-communist. We will crush Taiwan’s Chu Li-Lun. You don’t know how powerful the Whistleblowers Movement is around the world. We’ll take out Chu Li-Lun just like we destroyed Terry Gou. We will make the US and Japan understand that there are leftists and rightists in the world, but only the New Federal State of China is the righteous force. With no race, color, or upbringing requirement, the New Federal State of China only needs to follow the way of righteousness. Our brothers in arms are around the world.

We provided the Australian government with documents and intelligence. They have only two choices: (1) If they choose not to believe it, they will face a disaster once others find out that they have seen the files. (2) They can follow the recommendation of the documents and make changes quickly. Intelligence and documents are like landmines. They are our unique power. This is how we destroy the CCP with intelligence, the truth about the CCP, and the belief of “only the truth prevails.” This is the manifestation of the wealth, credibility, intelligence, and capability that the New Federal State of China has accumulated over the past decades.

The New Federal State of China is an organization beyond a State.

In the future, we don’t need states. We have an organization superior to states. There’s a TV show about four people going to space with Space-X (Inspiration 4). That’s how great Americans are. Four people travel to space: a kid with disabilities, an average investor, a successful entrepreneur, and a lesbian black woman who flies fighter jets and private jets. The respect for the individual is so moving to me. I will definitely go to space and go to the moon. The way of righteousness will eliminate the states for good. We’re not a state. A state doesn’t count for anything anymore. We go further than a state.

Putin will have a significant influence on Europe.

In the past, the European Troika was Britain, France, and Germany. Now it’s about the German-Russian relationship. Putin is good for Russia’s interest. He understands German culture well and will have the most significant influence on Europe. Putin wants to send natural gas from east to west.

German political parties may change from pro-China to pro-Russia. The German communication industry is as backward as that in Africa. The Germans are a single-minded people. They live to work. Strictly speaking, it’s a dysfunctional people. The German economy and industrial structure are irrational, and it must rely on Europe and all of Asia for markets. It is impossible for Germany to be pro-American. It will be pro-Russian, pro-China, or pro-Japanese.

Russia will definitely intervene in Germany’s energy supply in a big way. Nuclear power and biopower will all happen. In the future, nuclear power will be very powerful. Germany must be the world’s super-generator. Germany, Australia, and Canada, including several agricultural countries, will become super empires in the future. The two biggest challenges Germany will face are the collapse of the Euro and the EU. Germany will become stronger as a result. France, Italy, and Belgium will be finished. Greece will go bankrupt, and the UK will rise. After some time, Britain, France, and Germany will come back. The CCP doesn’t understand Europe, and intervention is simply impossible. Germany is a country with hope and a future, but political turmoil and economic and industrial restructuring could last for decades or more.

The CCP is the most anti-Chinese group.

Regarding the exclusion of the Chinese, why did Suharto get to live comfortably and peacefully in his final years? Why didn’t the rest of the world intervene in 1968 and 1998? The Nanking massacre killed 300,000 Chinese. 1.1 million Chinese were killed in Indonesia. All humanity chose to be silent on the three anti-Chinese riots. How many people spoke up for the brothers and sisters in Hong Kong? A few of the most dangerous countries for anti-Chinese movements are Australia, the US, India, and Japan. In any second, an anti-Chinese riot worse than the ones in Indonesia can happen. It can also occur in New Zealand.

A major investor in the Himalaya Exchange, whose parents were Chinese Indonesians, said they had no friends in Indonesia at the time, even with their enormous wealth. The scariest thing is that the Communists would not, and never would, say a word for the overseas Chinese. So many people died in Indonesia that China’s foreign exchange reserve went up by several times as overseas Chinese repatriated money. All the devils described in movies and novels are kinder than the communists. The CCP is the most anti-Chinese group. No one knows Suharto’s family better than I do. According to Indonesian and international law, the score will definitely be settled. Like I say to my Japanese friends, I will never go to Yasukuni Shrine. My earliest investment came from Japan. The Japanese introduced me to the Illuminati, but I declined. We must remove the humiliation of the Chinese and the CCP viruses in our bodies and minds, once and for all.

Whenever Hong Kong people open their mouths, they say, “I am not a Mainland Chinese. I am a Hong Konger.” They shout every day. In the end, they attract the wolf, the CCP and they get beaten half dead. When the CCP attacks Taiwan, the owner can’t even take a piece of glass from the semiconductor foundry, and everyone will be escorted back to the mainland, not even Fujian, but a place like Xinjiang. Mainland soldiers will probably treat the Taiwanese more brutally than what Indonesians did during the anti-Chinese riots. The CCP soldiers dare not fight foreigners, but they will treat their compatriots more ruthlessly than anyone else.

Singapore’s outlook is not so good in the long run.

Lee Hsien Loong and Ho Jing got married. Lee Hsien Loong has a global view. He recovered from cancer twice, but his health will not be too good in the future. Singapore will be in turmoil this year and next year. Singapore is a place where Asians and the Chinese have the most money stashed away. At the very least, Switzerland and Singapore’s currencies can retain more than half of the values. Singapore’s virtual currencies will develop very well. Singapore is a place where money is legally laundered, and the currency is still solid until it disappears. I’m negative on Singapore’s future in the long run. In this economic crisis, Singapore is well positioned.

You need to read about Curtis Lemay to understand the anti-Chinese sentiment in Japan.

The Japanese economy will go terribly wrong. The Japanese are inherently anti-Chinese and very excessive. I have decades of knowledge of Japan. Japan’s anti-Chinese wave will be worse than Indonesia’s.

Which American killed the most Japanese? It was the American General Curtis Lemay. In Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, 500,000 to 600,000 Japanese were burned to death. Lemay said he wasn’t at all bothered by the burning of the Japanese to death. The Japanese gave him a medal, which Lemay turned down; Russia gave him one, and he put it on. Yamamoto Isoroku told the Japanese Emperor never fight the US and Britain but said every day that he wanted to take over China. Tojo Hideki, thought two-thirds of the Chinese should be killed. In World War II, the rogue CCP stole power in China and brought wicked Communism. The Biography of Lemay will tell you how he thought of the Communists. MacArthur was nothing compared to Lemay. If Lemay had gone to the battlefield in Korea, he probably would have just extinguished China. Back then, Japan and Russia really considered the Chinese worse than pigs and dogs. After World War II, the CCP’s policy took the US and Japan as enemies and Russa as a friend. Lemay said that barbaric nations should be eliminated and foolish nations should become our slaves.

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