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According to an earlier report by Reuters, “widening power shortages in China have halted production at numerous factories, including many supplying Apple and Tesla.” This is to comply with a strict electricity limiting policy mandated by local governments in response to a nationwide power outage.

Big names, like Unimicron, Eson Precision, and Concraft, have been affected heavily. These companies mainly produce and supply electrical components, like printed circuit boards, for the big techs in Silicon Valley.

This piece of news exposes serious consequences in both China domestically and the world.

In communist China, the reckless Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finally faces the reality of its power source shortage, even leaving their most famous manufacturing hub on halt. Besides supplying the manufacturing industry, domestic residential and business also demand a steady electricity and energy supply, especially the wintertime is approaching. 

If the halt goes even longer, products won’t come out in time and the supply chain will be broken. The so-called “2025 Made In China” will really become a “dream” that will never come true. We might see some big, damaging bankruptcy which may even lead to a financial crisis.

No one knows how long the electricity limiting policy will continue but it is really damaging the supply chain, not only in China domestically but also in the world where relies on China’s manufacturing and supply chains. The world has to be alerted that the CCP is no longer a trustworthy partner and immediate decoupling with the devil will be the only way out.

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