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On September 28, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in a press briefing that more and more Canadian telecommunication companies removed Huawei equipment from their networks. However, no decision would be made prior to the inauguration of the new government as it needs further consideration.

As a member of the Five Eyes, Canada has been investigating Huawei for three years on the grounds of waiting for reports from intelligence agencies. The non-public blockade measures may be related to Meng Wanzhou and the CCP’s “hostage diplomacy.”

Since June last year, Ericsson and Nokia have become the first choice for 5G partners of many large wireless suppliers in Canada.  Although Huawei missed the 5G projects with Ericsson and Nokia, it still occupied a large proportion of its 4G equipment.


  1. TELUS announces 5G network equipment partners
  2. Bell Canada selects Ericsson as a 5G partner
  3. Rogers Communications: Canada’s first 5G network launches with Ericsson

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