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In his live broadcast on September 26th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo talks about the implication of Meng Wanzhou’s return to China, the battle in biochips, the Evergrande debt crisis, Suharto’s anti-Chinese riots, and Obama Club. Below are the highlights.

The CCP can’t dominate the chip industry.

The total value of global chip production is one trillion dollars, accounting for 1% of the world’s GDP. There are only 20 chip companies in the world. I saw an American host talking about the CCP buying two companies and controlling two-thirds of the chip supply worldwide. It’s nonsense. The CCP acquired two companies accounting for two-thirds of the so-called global chip supply, but can the CCP control the two-thirds supply? As we all know, no way. At the very least, our family fund invested in the chip company. Will the CCP only sell the chips to themselves and not to the United States? It’s impossible. You don’t have to exaggerate the situation. You can get the chips right away if you offer a 3% or 10% premium to the market price. But Americans are used to buying cheap products made by Chinese slave labors. A pair of Nike shoes costing a dozen dollars in China sell for $80 in the United States.

What kind of a minimalist house will Miles Guo build?

Yesterday we were talking to the architect. I said I want to build a house with nothing inside. You can see it’s a UFO style. I probably want a room of 16,000 square feet.

Three Book Recommendations

The first book to read to a child can be Freud’s books. I think his books are the best. They are about human relationships, the best about reality. The second book that has a profound impact on me is the popular Japanese version of a book about Chinese culture of association (中国结社文化). If you understand the culture of association, you know how to deal with people. Human relationships are ultimately sexual relationships and emotional relationships, which are called the culture of association. As Chinese, if we want to understand the Communist party, we must take a look at the real life experience of Stalin. Just read a biography of Stalin, not the version by his daughter, but the version by a German author. You will know the evil.

The Obama Club

There are “red houses” on the darknet, and those “red houses” provide assassination services. The police and the FBI have made many arrests. There are many so-called murder clubs, which were shut down by the FBI. But in the last two or three days, the “Obama Club” suddenly is suddenly on fire. Where did the “Obama Club” come from? It’s the hottest thing since the existence the darknet.

Meng Wanzhou returned to China because of her involvement in intelligence and money.

Huawei has two official fathers (bosses). Division 2 of the General Staff Department, the PLA’s intelligence unit, is one of them. I know Ren Zhengfei’s rise to the top all too well. Huawei is 100% the CCP’s strategic technology BGY (Blue-internet, Gold-money, Yellow-sex) platform against the West. Its 5G and the whole communication systems were built to conquer the world. So Huawei’s real boss is the intelligence department of the CCP, which is the Communist Party.

What will happen if the US and the West are told about the nature of Huawei and the disasters it would bring? All the technologies and BGY intelligence networks in the West planted by Huawei over the past years will be exposed, especially the sources of Huawei’s money and technologies. What will that bring about? Neither the CCP nor the United States and Europe want to let the cat out of the bag. I think Germany is already exposed to the CCP, and the same goes for Britain. There are 26,000 Huawei base stations in Britain, none of which have been taken down so far. Can you imagine 26,000 stations in a tiny Britain? Not even to mention France. I don’t need to talk about other countries. If anyone reveals these matters, it’s fatal to the communists.

Second, the Huawei shares held by Ren Zhengfei belong to Xi’s brother-in-law, Lao Wu, who is the other boss of Huawei. ZTE and Huawei are assets of the Xi family. No one can touch the emperor’s assets. Xi has to get Meng Wanzhou back in the name of the state.

Meng Wanzhou’s biggest problem is that she knows where the money is. If she does not go back, the Xi family cannot access the funds. It’s Lao Wu’s wealth. Do you think the money held by Meng Wanzhou is sitting in the bank somewhere or a credit card swipe away? The wealth is in the trust. With trust products and family trust products, you have to show up in person to withdraw the money. Ren Zhengfei stored at least $300 billion overseas, and the signatory must be Meng Wanzhou. If she were dead, the money would be lost.

AFCoin is the virtual currency issued by Rothschild.

AFCoin is the virtual currency issued by Rothschild. What is the AFCoin for? Study the white paper carefully. AFCoin is for people like Meng Wanzhou. How much money do you need to be a VIP member? What is a VIP? The starting price for a VIP is $1 billion. Don’t forget that Rothschild is a shareholder of the Federal Reserve, the Swiss dollar, the British pound, and several sovereign currencies. In all the movies, the fighting and killing are for two things at the end: to get the password to the safe and the password to the money. Meng Wanzhou is the password to access the money, and her father has nothing to do with it. Ren Zhengfei, this stupid bastard, is a part-time worker on the fringe.

The CCP will promote Meng Wanzhou, but she will live a miserable life.

After Meng Wanzhou’s return, as long as she is alive, her titles in the  CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and NPC (National People’s Congress) will be made public. She will become the number one protected person in the country, a national leader, a ministerial leader, a Guangdong leader, an industry leader, and a patriot. She should rather die than go back because she will have no freedom for the rest of her life. Why would a woman want to be a national hero, an industry leader, and a Chinese patriot? All three titles can crush and destroy a woman.

The CCP captures women with male prostitutes.

There is a Hangzhou native with the name Yanzi. She and Ou Guangwen from Heilongjiang set up a brothel of male prostitutes. At most, I saw hundreds of male prostitutes from Africa in the brothel. The male prostitutes captured many women in Zhongnanhai and those well-known women from Hong Kong and Macau. Regina Ip loves that place.

Why is the Obama Club so hot on the darknet? People pay 300 bitcoins in one night. It’s on fire because it has exposed a lot of executives. Successful women have too much pressure, and they pay 500,000 RMB to male prostitutes for one-time service. When she got high, she cried and hugged the male prostitute, biting his back. The guy didn’t want to do it. Finally, she gave him two million for compensation. The director of Sinopec was arrested for spending money on this.

Do you think Meng can hold herself against political pressure? I’ll show you how the boys from the Obama Club slept with these perverted executive officials, wives of the most well-known big bosses, and famous stars. Those from Zhongnanhai can sign a 20 to 30 million yuan payment and sign contracts worth billions for PetroChina and Sinopec. What do you think of the director of the women’s union? After watching these hot videos, you all will feel so filthy that you would lose sexual desire for the rest of your lifetime. They made men eat shit like eating bread; they played to that extreme. Perverted women are 10,000 times more excessive than men. I tell you it’s true. I am qualified to talk about it because I have experienced it first hand.

The Meng Wanzhou incident has angered the far-right, tech conservatives, far-right financiers, and hawks in the US military.

The disaster of Huawei, and everything diabolical thing has only just begun since Meng Wanzhou’s return. It’s been a tremendous help and a heavenly gift to the cause of destroying the CCP and the Whistleblowers Movement. Why?

Who wants to crack down Huawei? (1) The first group are the technology conservatives in the United States, such as those behind AT&T, the communication industry, and Silicon Valley. This group has a shared interest in taking down Huawei; otherwise, they will be finished.  These people are furious. (2) The second group are the far-right financiers. There are two factions in the financial industry, those who invest in Huawei to earn profits and those who make money by destroying Huawei. (3) Another group are the hawks in the military. If Huawei comes back, it will be too big a threat to the US. If Huawei starts to develop again, it will disable half of the US basic capabilities.

Huawei’s growth has become the biggest taboo in the United States and Europe. It triggered the first shot in the technology battle between the CCP and the West. It is linked to chips. Huawei wants to mainly focus on developing chips. Ren Zhengfei is working on it quietly. The chip war definitely got Huawei in the middle of the hostile standoff between China and the United States, and between the CCP and the world. As a victim, Huawei brings about its own destruction. No matter who wins or loses in the end, it will be sacrificed.

John Kerry colluded with the CCP.

Our brothers in arms in China told me about John Kerry’s trip to Communist China. One day, I will present the evidence, and you will be startled. Before Kerry visited China, I knew the topic by the two heads of state, what the US wanted, what China wanted, and the internal discussion in the CCP. To protect my brothers in arms, it is not appropriate for me to say these things in advance.

Regarding Meng Wanzhou, these people in the United States felt betrayed. Two people kicked chairs in front of me. “Is this country finished? All sold out? But what will they do next?”  I do not have to answer. It’s stupid to disclose too much. After you set the fire, you get the hell out. You don’t stay there. Several generals and majors, including those in the European and NATO who liaison with us, are furious. This time the United States realized that the country’s interest was sold out by the CCP’s BGY and by those Americans extremest group. At the same time, they are convinced that the communists will put the US to death if they win the 5G battle.

The next technology to replace the existing chip is the biochip; Huawei is developing biochips too.

After 5G becomes prevalent, do you know what’s the next technology to replace chips? The technology battle between the CCP and the world is in the last inning. In less than two years, the technology to replace chips will be available. Then 5G communication will be rolled out  worldwide, followed by the development of space technology and military technology. The chip-based management will be implemented in the future. It will not be called chip-based management. It will be called vaccine-based management. What do you mean by vaccines? Vaccines plus AI, and there will be no more chips. What is the technology that will replace the chip? Who can answer it? Biotech, biochips! The biochip is what the US and Japan are betting on now. What does a biochip have to do with vaccines now? What does it have to do with AI? Think about it. Once biochips come out, the vaccines you take today will be useful.

Like the chip we are using today, a biochip is the core of communication and computers. In the future, your phone will not use existing chips. It will use chips produced with biotechnology. It is a living organism, like the human brain, and it’s made with biology. It’s a drug, a solvent, or a tablet. How many times is the size of the human brain compared to a chip today? 60 billion times! I’ll give you an example. A biochip the size of a matchbox, the equivalent of a hard drive, can store all the information in the history of humanity and the planet.

What is AI? Why does Macron always say that AI is dangerous? AI is useful at that moment. When AI and biochips are combined, humans are nothing. One chip will contain all the wisdom and capabilities of the 7 billion people. That’s why Macron has warned time and again not to develop the technology anymore because if we continue doing it, humanity will be destroyed! It will definitely be destroyed. In the future, mobile phones can be worn on clothes, on glasses, in nail clippers, in a ring, and on anything. It’s called bio-memory tablets or bio-chips. All these things associated with today’s computers will be gone. We are coming to this new era. Huawei is also working in this field. The point is that Huawei is in the field. Brothers and sisters, this is a big deal.

It’s nonsense that vaccines contain chips.

Some people claim that chips are found in vaccines. This is nonsense. The current AI and chip technology can never get inside of your genes or into your blood. No way! If so, you would not only suffer a stroke; you would be dead. It’s bullshit. Don’t believe this.

Future AI biochips can control human behavior and mind; the most powerful biochip developers are in the US, Russia, China, and Japan; only the CCP can challenge the US.

Biotechnology and biochips are available. A biological chip is one ten-billionth of a cell. Once you have a chip implanted in you, you’re fully controlled by it. But what is the foremost purpose? With future AI biochip management, human behavior and thinking are almost controlled, which is very dangerous. The initial IBM biological computer in Silicon Valley has long been developed. Without this biotechnology, IBM’s quantum computer will not be useful. Its quantum computer is now entirely based on biochips and bio-conductors of the future.

Huawei is also working on this technology. Huawei bought out a scientist in Turkey who was working on 5G for millions of dollars. Later, Huawei spent tens of millions of dollars to obtain the so-called 5G technology because at that time the Americans ignored it. Now Russia, Japan, and the United States are working on biotechnology and biochip technology. The US is very good at it. Switzerland has a few labs that are doing well, but the best players are the United States, Russia, China, and Japan. In terms of chip technology, biochip technology, quantum computer technology, and 5G technology, Americans have only two choices : (1 )To be taken over by the  Communists and let it rule the world and Americans. (2)To annihilate the CCP with Europe.

The fake media is spreading misinformation about Evergrande and the CCP’s internal struggle.

Xi doesn’t want Evergrande to implode before the 20th CCP Congress. That’s for sure! Some foreign media claim that the CCP government doesn’t bail out Evergrande because Xu Jiayin is not Xi’s man but Jiang’s man. The fake media misleads public opinion by describing this most sensitive matter as the conflict between Xi and Jiang.

Why isn’t it a factional struggle? The Evergrande problem is so big that it cannot be an issue for infighting. For example, if my wife were angry with me and threw a grenade into my bedroom, she would hurt herself and me. That’s the kind of relationship. When something happens that can shake up the CCP regime, it will bring glory or destruction to everyone in the party. Do you understand this? In fact, Xi Yuanping (Xi Jinping’s brother) is Xu Jiayin’s big boss. Without Xi Yuanping’s support, Xu Jiayin would have died a hundred million times!

Evergrande has $100 billion in foreign debt but reported only $20 billion to the CCP.

I said in 2019 that Evergrande would have a two trillion yuan debt. At present, it owes about $100 billion in foreign debt but reported only $20 billion to the CCP. This is why the United States is scared. The Americans know how much of their funds and levered funds are invested in Evergrande. $100 billion isn’t a big number but can knock down the US stock market by 500 or 600 points. The impact of Evergrande could be ten times that of Lehman.

How will you allocate your assets?

Three families in the US used to own 50% of the entire US wealth: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and JP Morgan. Rothschild created the virtual currency AFcoin, specifically for large clients. Although these three families no longer own half of the US wealth anymore, their every move still affects various aspects of the world. They are doing the same thing lately: selling everything related to Chinese stocks. They invested in communists for a long time, but now they are secretly liquidating everything, including those with ties to Hong Kong. They even have started selling many core assets in the US. What does this mean? Is the world economy going to be in big trouble? Because I signed a non-disclosure agreement, so that’s all I can say.

When the crisis comes, four asset classes can preserve value: (1) The Swiss dollar and the Swiss national debt are 1:1. The Swiss national debt has never depreciated. (2)Diamond and spot diamond. (3)Gold mines and spot gold. (4) Our Himalaya Coin. It has 20% of gold as reserves. It will be the asset with the most potential to appreciate, not just to preserve value.

If I am given $10 trillion today, I will use $5 trillion to buy the Himalaya Coin because it is pegged to gold. Therefore, the Himalaya Coin is the currency with the highest security and potential to appreciate and develop in the future. The Rothschild family wants to cooperate with the Himalaya Coin, but I will not work with them because they are dishonest, while our Himalaya Coin has a 20% gold reserve and is a stable currency. Besides, the Himalaya Coin has an annual cap of 1 billion on new coin issuance.

Several of the big funds in the swamp are selling off shares that relate to Chinese stocks, and they are also selling off core assets in the US, but the US stock market is not fluctuating; why is that? Because the stock market is manipulated by these funds and trusts. They are selling large amounts of trust notes, trust assets, and shares that have nothing to do with the stock market. The stock market is a small retail market and a poor man’s market.

The CCP is waging a technology war, a medical war, a virus war, a vaccine war, and a currency war against the United States.

The battle for dominance of the world’s currency and economy is ongoing between the United States and the CCP. The CCP partners with 60 or 70 dictatorships and opportunist countries to push the digital yuan and the internationalization of the RMB. The CCP is waging an unrestricted economic war against the United States.

Ping An’s Lufax is one of the most important front forces in unrestricted warfare. Most of the investments in Lufax came from pension funds and various other funds in the United States. If the CCP shuts down Lufax or plays some small tricks, it can kick out the American investors, including those institutional investors that own the 57 Chinese stocks listed in the US. The $500 billion oil deal between the CCP and Saudi Arabia will be transacted in RMB.

Then, the labs in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia will release new “fever viruses.” People have to stay at home, and the economic battle between the US and China unfolds. Then the vaccine war and biotechnology war kicks off. At any moment, the battle in advanced technology between the US and the CCP starts again. It is the beginning of the technology war, medical war, virus war, vaccine war, and currency war. Do you think the world can still be quiet? I do not believe the United States understands it, but the CCP moves ahead according to their plans. This dark moment is really beginning now.

Japan is taking a softer stance, I heard. The CCP told Japan, “If you do not mess with me, I will not bully you. If you dare to mess with me, I will do this and do that.” I heard that Japan is a little afraid. Japan is a nation that yields to strong opponents. India has completedly capitulated. “Please, the CCP big brother and Master Xi, do not release viruses. I will not provoke you, all right? The straits of Malacca will be yours.” The CCP has taken over Pakistan, Iran, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Then it moves onto Djibouti and Cape Town. Mandela destroyed South Africa. Before he became the president, South Africa ranked in the top five countries, and Africa could have risen. It took just one Mandela to destroy the whole African economy, the open society, and human rights. He killed white people, reformed land ownership, and finished the open market and everything. So now things are not working in Africa. It has to listen to the CCP. Who is left to fight? China, the United States, and Europe. Europe is now in this situation. France has become a vassal state to the CCP. Germany will become a province of China in two or three years if nothing happens to the CCP.

The US and the CCP made a deal under the table regarding Meng Wanzhou.

So this time, there are three conditions in the Meng Wanzhou deal:

(1) The CCP will not sell US treasury bonds within a certain period. (2) The CCP will not disclose the secrets of the US leaders. (3) The CCP will pretend to cooperate on climate change issues. Canada sent Meng Wanzhou back, and the CCP released the Canadians. Huawei will have some room for development. Even China will continue to buy some treasury bonds. This is the deal. In fact, the United States has surrendered. Why do I think this is good news? I am particularly pleased to see this situation. When the United States and the world don’t have a crisis, no one really wants to destroy the CCP. The more days Xu Jiayin and Evergrande can hold up, the greater is our chance of winning. The longer can Pingan’s Lufax hold up and make money, the more likely we will win. The final battle is in 2022.

The German Election

In the past, Germany’s political forces were divided 30:70. This ratio will shift to 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3. Germany’s centrist politics will become the struggle of three equal forces. There will be a significant political reshuffle in Germany at the end of next year due to the change in the relationship between the United States and Europe. Do not have any illusions. No faction will win more than 50% of the votes. In the three kingdoms scenario, the Whistleblowers Movement will account for 30%.

Westerners think of the CCP in their own way and do not understand the evil of communism.

Foreigners are all about the financial markets. President Trump was not tougher on the CCP because of three fears: a war with China, a stock market crash, and trade frictions. I said in 2017 that nothing would happen. I told you not to put so much hope in Trump. He would be anti-communist, but he didn’t think of destroying the CCP, so he would not take down the CCP as you had wished. No way!

All the foreigners and the Western media are sons of bitches to the extreme because they look at the CCP entirely from their own media, political, and economic viewpoints, just like how the world viewed Stalin back then. They thought that he was a little street thug who could not take power from Lenin. It turned out that Stalin had all five of those guys captured, killed, and destroyed. Then he fought Hitler to the last minute. Stalin spoke in public about Hitler and drove Hitler crazy. He said, “Look, from now on, it’s time for me to fight back. You can’t get to Moscow.” The Soviet Red Army began to counterattack. Less than a hundred days later, the Soviet red flags were planted in Berlin. Several days later, Hitler committed suicide.

The West misjudged Stalin. Before the West could figure out what Stalin would do in Berlin, over a million and almost two million German women were raped and murdered. What a tragedy! Think about how tragic it was. Did the Americans speak up? Did they stand up and say anything? No. When half a million Chinese were killed in Indonesia and 1.1 million people were victimized, did the Americans say a word? Did the Europeans say a word? Did you ask this question? In 1998, the United States was at its strongest. Don’t be obsessed with America and the West. The capitalists have no principles. They don’t understand the East at all, not even the Soviet Union. They didn’t have a clue of the Communists’ evil!

Xi Jinping didn’t expect the Evergrande crisis.

Do you really think Xi Jinping in Zhongnanhai masters everything just like I control the progress of the Whistleblowers Movement? If that were the case, the CCP would have ruled the world a long time ago. He did not expect that Evergrande could be in trouble, but if he continued to increase lending, the real estate sector would collapse. So he must adjust the lending policy.

Xi Jinping did not expect it at all. Xi Jinping initially said, “If Evergrande falls apart, Guangdong has to take all the responsibility. All of you will be held accountable.” Everyone was scared and started to cover up the problem. Xi Yuanping (Xi Jinping’s brother) said in plain words, “Tell Evergrande, fucking don’t fail. Don’t fail before the 20th Party Congress.” What is the implication? If Evergrande’s collapse will affect his brother’s 20th Party Congress, he will kill them.

Now Chen Feng and HNA have a few trillion yuan of debt. Evergrande has two trillion yuan of debt. In fact, it’s 2.5 trillion right now. I said it had two trillion yuan of debt in 2018. It’s around 2.5 trillion and may rise to 2.8-3 trillion soon. Guangzhou R&F has a few hundred billion yuan of debt, Country Garden 2 trillion, Greenland 800 billion, and Wang Jianlin almost 500 billion. How much money does the CCP have?

Don’t take Evergrande’s property-for-debt deal.

Evergrande says that it will distribute properties to the people. That is to pay debt with land and buildings. Anyone with this kind of idea has the brain of a pig. Why? Do you have to pay contractors to build the buildings? Do you have to pay for the building materials? Do you have to pay for the interior finishes? How much will that cost you?The government takes 65% of the sales proceeds of the properties.  The development cost is about 20-30%. The net profit is only 5% to 10%. Who will pay 80% of the cost to complete the development? If you take Evergrande’s offer, you will have to pay another two trillion yuan. How can you buy a house and pay the seller again to get the house? Isn’t the brain of a pig?

Europe will soon stop mandatory vaccination.

Some of these old folks really don’t know what the conspiracy is. The majority of the swamps endorse Pfizer. These drug companies think the vaccine is the best solution and a lot of them took the vaccine. Only the Whistleblowers Movement, our Mr. Bannon, many heroic and conscientious medical experts, and our brothers in arms worked hard to get the truth out over time.

I’m very confident that Europe will stop all vaccination on a large scale very soon, in less than a month. Canada will also let you make a choice to vaccinate or not. Next, I think the US will say vaccination is entirely voluntary and no longer mandatory.

Those civilized countries that follow the United States will announce that vaccination cannot be forced, including Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Why? The biggest driving force of the decision is the bosses of the drug companies. They now realize that continuing vaccination will bankrupt the companies and cost them everything. In addition, this is absolutely murder.

Mr. Miles Guo highlights several promising developments.

First, I think the restrictions on ivermectin, artemisinin, dexamethasone, and hydroxychloroquine will be lifted. It is one of the biggest messages for you. Second, I tell you with great conviction that the CCP is waging an economic war in the United States and Europe. The world economic crisis will definitely happen, but the CCP will not be the final winner. I will hold the third and fourth good news until next week when we go on air again on Wednesday and Thursday. I am afraid you will get too excited.

Anti-Chinese riots are bound to happen.

The Chinese are prone to forget things, cannot distinguish between good and evil, are eager for quick success and instant rewards, only care about themselves, and have no faith. That’s how Indonesia’s Suharto killed the Chinese and then killed them again and again. Despite that, the Chinese still invested money in Indonesia. It was the Chinese and Hong Kong people who once again supported Suharto. Even today, the Chinese still call Suharto’s daughter the princess of Indonesia and salute her.

Events like Suharto’s anti-Chinese riots will happen again because the Chinese are cowardly, disunited, and miserable. Inconceivably, the Chinese are still investing in Indonesia. My biggest concern now is the safety of our Chinese overseas. The exclusion of Chinese is really horrible. Go check it out. At that time, Suharto started a racist war because Sukarno (Suharto’s father) wanted to hand over Indonesia to communism or communist international. As a result, Suharto victimized over one million Chinese. You should study this tragedy if you have any brains. Have you seen the videos of a few guys ripping open the anus and vagina of little girls, 8 or 9 years old, and then roasting them on a stick, like quails? They did this to families, one after another. Think about it. How do you feel if they were your daughters and your descendants were investing on their behalf? Anti-Chinese movements are bound to happen. It’s only a matter of degree.

Mr. Miles Guo is right again about Meng Wanzhou.

Everything I say during this live broadcast is recorded, so you can watch it in the future, just like you’re watching what I said about Meng Wanzhou in the past. At the time, everyone thought I was crazy. I said Meng would definitely return to China. A few days ago, Navarro participated in the live broadcast and debated with me. He said Meng would be extradited to the United States. I bet Navarro a meal that she would definitely go back to China, and I said she would take a private plane, a 777 plane, and fly the northern route — the North Pole. She wouldn’t fly over Alaska because the Communists were worried that the far-right Americans would be furious enough to shoot down or hold the plane. The 777 is the safest aircraft in the world, and is also a military equipment. You can add features to it just like assembling parts. It’s the simplist aircraft to add functions. A 777 is the best plane to fly in the Arctic and Antarctic climates. It is a strategic aircaft for the communists. More importantly, the 777 is the best aircraft that can carry intelligence systems.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast.)

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