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Meng Wanzhou landed in Shenzhen on September 25. The People Daily commented on Meng’s return to Communist China, saying that no force can stop China’s advance. This is a major victory for the Chinese people.

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media even described Meng Wanzhou as a national hero. Once again, they are educating the people foolishly and conducting extremely energetically.

In fact, Meng has more than seven passports. Huawei, which Meng represents, is one of the nine major national military enterprises nurtured by the Jiang family. The other eight are: North Industries Group, China Arms, Poly Group, Ping An Group, Alibaba, Tencent Technology, and Zhenxing Petroleum.

All the above nine companies are tools of the group of kleptocrats of the state to loot the ordinary people’s money, to transfer the stolen wealth to overseas and to implement the BGY (Blue-Intermedia, Gold-Money, Yellow-Sexual) plan to the Westerners. Representatives of these companies have also been given Communist Party military and security department identify numbers. They are also key targets of protection in the financial sector of the CCP, while enjoying diplomatic privileges.

These groups of people are part of the Chinese Communist Party’s kleptocrats and are the real enemies of the Chinese people and the people of the world. They are the important tools to help the Communist Party’s attempt to control the world.

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