Translated by MOS Gourmet Team-Chevalier

On September 25, in the Dutch capital Hague, hundreds of citizens protested in opposition to the vaccine passport policy, carrying banners and slogans through the streets where the government offices are located. The protesters regard the covid restrictions as the tyranny of an authoritarian government, comparing it to “medical apartheid” and demanded that the government stop vaccine passports.

Previously, the Dutch government required that when entering bars, restaurants, theatres, and other venues, a vaccination certificate must be presented. Just hours after the policy took effect, it was publicly questioned by Cabinet Minister Mona Keijzer, who was abruptly dismissed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

A significant proportion of bar and restaurant owners said they would not ask customers for vaccine certificates. The Netherlands Hotel Industry Association issued a statement stating that the pass is disguised as a “political tool” to increase vaccination rates and warned that this approach would undermine all efforts made during the recovery period of the hotel industry.

Recently, people in Western countries have continued to protest against vaccine passports, and the awakening public opinion will eventually force the government to consider stopping compulsory vaccination.

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