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In his live broadcast on September 24th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo reveals three “firsts” of the CCP’s military provocation against Taiwan and how Bohai Financial Holdings plundered the Chinese people. Below are the highlights.

The invasion of Taiwan will hurt the Chinese people.

In my heart, I stand with the compatriots in Taiwan and Fujian and don’t want to see a war. The CCP’s saying of “Chinese people don’t fight the Chinese” is a rogue lie. Once the CCP starts the war, our compatriots in Taiwan, South China Sea, Fujian, and southern Guangdong will suffer the most. The vicious CCP  doesn’t care if millions of people die. However, the people will lose everything. We are against the CCP fighting, intimidating, and threatening Taiwan and against the CCP using Taiwan as a tool for the internal political struggle at the expense of the security and interests of the people of Taiwan.

In Chinese history, nobody gained anything in territories, economy, politics, or international status by fighting Taiwan. Taking over, fighting, and threatening Taiwan serves only one interest, which is the political struggle of the CCP. It does not serve any interest of this country and this nation. That is why anyone fighting, intimidating, and starting or supporting a war with Taiwan is a hooligan. We firmly oppose it!

Three “Firsts” of the CCP’s Military Action against Taiwan

Yesterday, did you notice the three “firsts” for Taiwan?

First, nuclear bombs flew over Taiwan. It is the first time since the CCP came to power that a military device, including an aircraft with a nuclear warhead, has ever made a round trip to Taiwan. In the entire world, only the CCP can intrude into a territory that it claims to be his and kill its people with nuclear bombs. Yesterday, the CCP carried not one nuclear bomb but seven nuclear bombs. Had the CCP dropped the bombs in Taiwan at seven locations, everything would be finished. The CCP told the Taiwanese army, “If you dare to shoot and shoot back at me, I will drop seven nuclear bombs and destroy you.” The CCP will keep the island but not the people. The island will still be there, but the people will all be wiped out, even the rats will be gone. That’s the CCP.

Second, the CCP’s East China Sea Fleet encircled Taiwan from five directions, in the south, southeast, and east of Taiwan. The East China Sea Fleet carried portable nuclear weapons, including the so-called breakthrough technology of missiles mounted on the ship, which is unprecedented.

Third, the CCP activated a large number of missile launchers in Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong, including the whole northern and northeastern part of Fujian. The CCP didn’t care about exposing the targets to the United States or Japan. It didn’t care. The CCP erected the launchers. Underground launchers and mobile launchers were in full swing. Yesterday’s action was a 100% rehearsal of a full-scale land, sea, and air warfare against Taiwan, the equivalent of going to war.

But what was the Taiwanese army’s response? As a result of Taiwan’s response, the PLA believes that Taiwan does not stand a chance in a war. They don’t think that Taiwan has time to react at all. The CCP’s military provocation and the reaction of the American and Japanese forces have greatly encouraged the CCP to attack Taiwan. The CCP wants to invade Taiwan even more and feels that it will win and win faster and more thrillingly than initially thought. The situation yesterday was detrimental to Taiwan. No war yesterday does not mean that there will be no war tomorrow. The next move will be very complicated. This situation yesterday is really not good news for Taiwan. War didn’t happen, but it exposed the incompetence of the Taiwanese army, and the weakness of the American and Japanese forces. The CCP has more advantages in attacking Taiwan.

HNA’s massive domestic land bank belongs to Wang Qishan.

I’ll talk a little bit more about Chen Feng. In fact, Chen Feng was not arrested yesterday but about three months ago. He has been under residential surveillance for the past two years. The residential surveillance means cooperating with the so-called task force to sort out HNA’s overseas assets. About 20,000 people at HNA are under surveillance.

What is the most important thing about the crisis caused by HNA? It’s about the land bank in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Tianjin, Dalian, Guangdong, Zhuhai, etc. It also has investments in coal mines. The matter of Shaanxi Qin Coal is related to HNA. Besides Chen Feng, Wang Jian was also involved.  Who is the frontman in these land deals? Wang Qishan! All belong to him. Wang Qishan tried to pull the Xi family into the deal, including Xi’s brother-in-law and the Standing Committee members, such as Zhang Dejiang, Li Changchun, and Han Zheng. There’s no need to mention Jiang Zemin because his family jumped on the deal without being asked. So did Zhu Rongji. The most frightening thing is that Wang Qishan’s running dog Zhou Liang controls the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection officials with blackmail. 

Xi took over HNA because he was scared. He discovered that a lot of money had been moved overseas a long time ago.

The situation scared Xi. He was concerned that Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji were involved in HNA. It turned out that they were. I forgot to say that the Zeng Qinhong family has nothing to do with HNA, but he was almost taken down. They found a large amount of money stashed overseas. The CCP didn’t expect that at all. Chen Feng and Wang Jian moved a lot of money overseas so early, such as the Cihang Foundation. People do not notice that HNA’s debt is much bigger than that of Evergrande. HNA’s Bohai Financial Holdings has three trillion dollar assets or more than 20 trillion yuan. HNA’s debt in RMB at the time already reached three trillion with 20 trillion yuan of assets. Evergrande’s assets are not very much.

The CCP plunder the Chinese people by turning fake money into real money.

The brothers in arms watching my broadcast know that Bohai’s so-called 20 trillion yuan of asset is not paper cash in the warehouse. How did this 20 trillion yuan come about? It came from the land appraisal. For example, something worth one dollar was appraised at $100. Then it bought shares and warrants of public companies. The value was reassessed over and over again. The same trick was repeated by Bohai Trust, Bohai Development, Bohai Real Estate, and Bohai Financial Holdings. There’s no doubt that the 20 trillion is fake. But you should not forget about the 20 trillion. It is possible to turn this phony asset into real money. It took the real money from the people. Has anyone questioned how HNA’s value grew by 200,000 times in one day? It increased by 200,000 times through cheating foreign capital and the Chinese people.

Many people do not understand it. In the case of Evergrande, people made the down payment for the house and took a mortgage, but where did the money go? The money went overseas or was consumed by interest expenses. People don’t understand the critical point. What’s the essence? He cheats you out of $10,000, but he pockets just $1,000. Why does he only pocket $1000? $5,000 or more may be spent on interest expenses. $1000 or $2000 goes to Wang Qishan or local officials as bribery. About $1000 is taken by others in the process, and he ends up with $1000. He cheats the people out of $100 billion, but he only keeps $10 billion for himself, not $100 billion.

The money laundered overseas didn’t come back while Chen Feng waited for Xi’s death.

Xu Jiayin’s money is in the Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium. His money is in Europe, not so much in the United States or Japan. Xu Jiayin has saved at least about 300 billion yuan overseas, which is about 50 billion dollars. He won’t take it back, and he can’t take it back even if he wants to.

HNA designed the scheme so that the overseas money couldn’t be repatriated. Why wasn’t Chen Feng arrested in the past two years? Because the CCP needed Chen Feng and Chen Xiaofeng’s cooperation to sign documents. The other day, The New York Times revealed some properties. I have been to those houses. The most expensive units are those on the 88th and 83rd floor of 157 57th Street. They were gifts to Sun Yao and Guan Jun from Wang Qishan. What happened? Chen Feng didn’t want to sell the properties. Wang Qishan was still negotiating with Xi. Why? Chen Feng thought Wang Qishan would remove Xi. He was waiting for Xi’s death so that Wang Qishan would be the big boss.

During that period, Wang Qishan also tried to prove the point in public. He went up to  Xi and whispered in Xi’s ear during a meeting. Let me explain to you. Here is a little bit of politics. If Xi and Wang Qishan were close, Wang Qishan didn’t have to deliberately run over to Xi at the podium and speak a few words to him. If their relationship were good in private, they would keep their distance in public. From that moment, you can see Wang Qishan’s acting was terrible. He tried hard to tell the whole party, “I am still a close friend of Xi”. Wang Qishan has lost his freedom. So has Meng Jianzhu. Meng Jianzhu has been under complete surveillance for two years. Over two hundred people are watching over Meng Jianzhu in shifts.

In the last two years, with the cooperation of Chen Feng, his son, Wang Jian’s family, and Tan Xiangdong, 50-60% of the money was repatriated. 30-40% of the money remains overseas. Don’t forget that 80% of all these deals were done with Blackstone and Steve Schwarzman. Pan Shiyi also wanted to sell assets to Blackstone. China’s first overseas investment was made by China Investment Corporation (CIC). Zhu Rongji’s son and Wang Qishan founded CIC. It’s called China Investment, on behalf of the country. The first $3 billion was invested in Blackstone, which was technically seeded with this money. It ended up going down on day one of IPO. The annual reports contain a lot of information. Sometimes the growth was as high as 100% or 200%, sometimes 20% or 30%. However, CIC’s investments always lose money. Occasionally it went up by 10% and then came down again. How much money does the CIC have?

We’ll recover the rest of HNA’s stash of money.

Let’s help HNA find out 40% or 50% of its assets, and let’s help get it back. We can help those employees of HNA who have been cheated. We can help by telling them where the money is! I’ll let you know where the money is! Many people from the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, including those from the so-called Political and Legal Affairs Commission who were transferred across the country to manage the special cases, are Wang Qishan’s people, and they are hiding something.

It is bullshit logic that BGYs on a 787 aircraft are a contribution to the country.

Chen Feng and Wang Jian had almost 100 private jets through HNA, including the only private 787 in the world with an hourly fuel cost of $60,000. Even the UAE and the king of Saudi Arabia rarely fly their own 747 planes, which sit in the hangar 349 out of 365 days. HNA’s 787 flew around the world and carried Wang Qishan’s wife, Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie, Yao Qing, and Sun Yao. Every flying second cost people’s blood and sweat. It was real oil and real money. They owned a 787 and more than 100 private jets. They had sex in the sky while Yang Gailan killed her children on the ground. They claimed they were doing BGY (Blue-internet, Gold-money, Yellow-sex) work. What kind of contribution was that? Which country buys a 787 and over 100 private jets for military intelligence work? What bullshit logic is this!

Miles Guo refused to cooperate with the dark forces to produce a cocktail remedy for the coronavirus.

I’m going to break a story! Two months ago, a buddy said, “Miles, we want to do business with you.” “What kind of business?” He said, “I know how influential you are right now! I don’t need to talk about that. I have this remedy, a cocktail remedy for the coronavirus, and I’ll work with you.” I said, “How much money do you want me to put in?” He let me put in $100 million and said, “You put in $100 million and take 30% of the shares.” Then the conversation went on, “Now you can have 49% of the shares. But one thing, you will never attack this drug, and you have to let your brothers in arms buy this drug at our price.”

Listen to this story. What a good business! I said, “What is the approximate profit on this drug?” I was told clearly, “99% is profit.” 99% profit! Think about it, brothers in arms! “How much is a dose?” He said, “3000 and 2500 dollars.” If I sell one dose of the drug to my brothers in arms, 99% will be profits, and I can take 49% of the profits. How profitable this is! He said, “This cocktail 100% works. Trump and many people took this cocktail. Let me tell you that the WHO will publicly promote this cocktail drug. The WHO will endorse the drug. Secretary Tedros will promote the drug in person.” He asked me not to attack others and not to speak about the virus and vaccines.

I said, “Let me tell you. Just three ingredients in the formula are worth a mention. They are hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and artemisinin, nothing else. I exposed his lie on the spot. I said to him, “Don’t fool around with me, and I will never put my hand in my brothers in arms’ wallets. This stuff you have is hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and artemisinin.” He was furious. “I’m telling you, Miles Guo, you don’t even understand.” He kept shouting at me for a while. I said, “I don’t want to see you again from now on. Get out.” God is watching over those with a bad conscience. They still want to make money off patients, $2300 to $3000. They still try to squeeze money from dying people. They made the virus. Tedros partners with them. The WHO is a dark force, isn’t it?

The Search for Chen Feng’s Overseas Assets

Chen Feng’s incident shocked the old CCP bastards. Chen Feng’s lascivious behaviors include taking wombs out of women and searching for virgins in Tibet and Xinjiang, even in Southeast Asia and worldwide. Wang Qishan is behind the tantra organization. Both Wang Qishan and Chen Feng belong to this religion, a cult. Many CCP members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said to me, “Lao Guo, I believe anything you say, but I don’t believe the story of taking wombs out of the body. It’s impossible. I don’t believe that they are members of a cult. The more I listen to you, the more you sound like Falun Gong.”

This buddy from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection recently got a promotion to be the second in command of the Hainan task force. He finally changed his opinion after he investigated one of Chen Feng’s mistresses. In a villa in Yalong Bay, he found many videos of Chen Feng. He was dumbfounded to discover that the truth was exactly the same as what I said. Why does he think in this way? Because ignorance covers people’s eyes and wisdom to see the truth.

Finally, he went to a foreign country to investigate the properties. He had some questions for me. He was in Seychelles. He said, “Lao Guo, I have some questions. I found seven properties in Seychelles. The Four Seasons Hotel developed a community here. This is very extravagant. Phase One has thirty units, and phase two has seventy units. The total is about one hundred units. He bought seven units. This is excessive. Are there more?”

After this buddy finished asking questions, I said, “You have been handling Chen Feng’s case for a while. If you see Chen Feng as a human, you will always be a loser. You should see him as a devil. Do you think Chen Feng only has seven properties? You should stand in the Seychelles South Island. Look for the villa called the Four Seasons. Go around that villa and look for the ramp with the boat. Check it out.”  He came back and sounded shocked on the phone, “The hotel opposite the Four Seasons is twice as expensive as the Four Seasons.” You can go online and check what hotel is the most expensive opposite the Four Seasons on the South Island of Seychelles. Chen Feng owns this hotel. You go check it out. Sun Yao, Liu Chengjie, and Guan Jun visit there every year. When they go, the place will be in a lock-down. That means they enjoy a higher level of reception than the prince of the UAE. The custom doesn’t keep a record of their arrival and departure. They bring three to five planes every time.

The lonely Miles Guo seeks truths, not win or defeat.

I’m lonely because I seek truths. I have been lonely my whole life. A person who wants to be a winner in life is low and trashy. What is a winner or a loser? Who sets the standard for winners and losers? There is no win or loss in life. We all come from one place, the womb of a woman; we all will die and disappear like smoke. We are born equal and die equal, without loss or defeat. Where is loss or failure? I am just a solitary seeker of truth. Where is loss or defeat?

We’re going to produce the cocktail remedies in England for brothers in arms.

I have the formula of the drugs the guy tried to sell to me. That is why I revealed artemisinin. You should remember that ivermectin, dexamethasone, and artemisinin save lives. I will commercialize the cocktail therapy. We’re talking to a drug company right now to mass-produce the cocktail drug.

A poor person’s time is not worth anything.

What do you mean by poor people? A poor man’s time is worthless. A poor man’s life is worthless. A poor man’s body is worthless. What does it mean to be poor? The most important thing about being poor is that your time is worthless. The rich man’s time is worth something. Then why do poor people create trouble for themselves? Why are you watching all those boring things? If you watch the Chinese on YouTube and social media, you can see how boring overseas Chinese are, how low overseas Chinese are, and how much they trample themselves. We wake up many people by spreading the truth, the truth of the CCP virus, and the truth about vaccines. We are doing God’s work with great compassion! If you can make money at this time and keep your money from devaluation, you’re the best among men, the best among dragons, and the best among phoenixes. Then you’ve earned eight lifetimes of virtue. It’s that simple!

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast.)

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