Author: Jin Wang Editor: Isabella

Every moment in time
Is fragile
Ready to shatter
Ready to break

Every moment in time
Is soon lost
And seldom found
Carelessly embraced

We live in a caterpillar-built cocoon
Moss in our ears
Deluded into believing
Whatever we hear
Defiant of Truth
And that soon
We will be the butterfly
We once were
Free to fly
In rainbow colored skies

But in this life
It will never be
Unless the ocean 
Loses its argument
Against the land

Unless the moon
Says no more
To the sun

So in that spirit
In acceptance of Life
We hold out our hands
For the next blessing
Reborn in the
Light of Faith
Receive it dutifully
And with a gratitude deeper than music
Here to chime
Until our time
Like bells in the wind