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According to a report in the French-language Swiss media L’Impertinent (September 14), doctors at the Chablais Hospital in Lake Leman, Switzerland, have been successfully using ivermectin to treat local Covid patients since January 2021.  The successful treatment of the patients has attracted the attention of the top elite, as the doctors responded that 350 to 400 patients have been successfully cured.  However, the hospital’s medical board was pressured by powerful people from Switzerland and abroad. The hospital authorities then administratively banned the use of ivermectin at the hospital and declared that “only the recommendations of national and international authorities should guide the treatment of Covid.” As more physicians around the world begin to use ivermectin to treat patients infected with Covid, they are facing increased scrutiny, suppression, and even punishment from government and physician licensing authorities. Recently, there have been reports of Bolivian doctors being criminally detained by local law enforcement for successfully treating local Covid patients with ivermectin.

These actions reflect a top-down, expert-interest-driven, one-sided information war that extends from the WHO, the top international medical governing body, to the specific practice of medicine on the ground. Doctors have virtually no voice over their patients anymore.

We have clearly seen that the Covid-19 pandemic is just a mask for what is actually unfolding as an international geopolitical event designed to bring about the Great Reset. In this unprecedented takeover of the practice of medicine by dark forces, a global reconfiguration of power, money, and political influence has usurped healthcare and ultimately taken control of everyone’s right to live.  Medical bureaucrats have broken the long-established trusting relationship between doctors and patients.

Looking at the Covid-19 pandemic, the global mainstream media has gone from initially trying to exaggerate the pandemic and suppress the dissemination of information about effective treatments to later silencing reports about the side effects of the toxic vaccine. The facts show that the New Federal State of China has been swimming against the tide, alerting the world with the truth, and building a legend of its own!

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