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In a paper entitled, “Estimating the number of COVID vaccine deaths in America,” Jessica Rose, who gained her PhD in Computational Biology at Bar Ilan University, alongside her team through VAERS and multiple scientific data analysis, stated that at least 150,000 American people have died from the COVID vaccines to the date of August 27th, 2021. Twitter prohibited Dr. Rose to post this paper link, but reported it on September 20th, as well as attached the link for downloading.

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VAERS is the only Pharmacovigilance database accessible to the public by the FDA and the CDC. Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination is rare and occurs in approximately 2 to 5 people per million vaccinated in the United States based on events reported to VAERS. Anaphylaxis is a well-known, severe adverse reaction and when it occurs, according to the FDA standard, it must be recorded. “A scientific study conducted at Mass General Brigham, published on March 8th, 2021 on JAMA, found ‘severe reactions consistent with anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000’ people  that were fully vaccinated.” However, both the FDA and the CDC decided to avoid responding that question, when asked. As stated in the CDC’s response to the original letter, “this implies that VAERS is receiving reports of anaphylaxis between 50 – 123 times less than what is actually occurring among the vaccinated population.” Another serious repercussion is myocarditis, which occurs in 1:1,000 for all age groups.

In the past year, especially since March 2021, Dr. Rose has expressed her great concern about the high vaccination coverage and the upcoming serious humanity crisis. The purpose of that paper is to seek the most credible death estimates instead of finding the exact death numbers. The calculation shows that by even using a moderate hypothesis, the non-reporting of VAERS is as high as 41 times. By using the underreporting rate, it leads to an estimate of over 150,000 excess deaths caused by the vaccine to the date of August 27th, 2021. Dr Rose said anaphylaxis from the COVID vaccines have caused a large number of deaths, vaccination mandates have not been based on any science, and that it should be opposed by all members of the scientific field. Even though the CDC and other organizations attempt to cover up the number of deaths that were caused by the COVID vaccines, the gradual occurrence of deaths and more study exposure will cause the CDC to face more questions and challenges. The Whistleblowers’ Movement not only continues to spread the truth about the COVID vaccines, and makes people aware of the dangers of vaccines, but also promotes vaccine antidotes so that more people can obtain a “self-help method.”

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BREAKING – The Covid-19 Vaccines have killed at least 150,000 people in the USA including 574 children according to new Scientific Study

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