Canadian “Toronto Star” reported on September 18, 2021 that an international student from southwestern China posted 3 tweets on the Internet, causing him to have only 2 fans and was immediately caught by the CCP. With the police’s cross-sea threats, Chinese parents have also been harassed by the National Security Council. The picture shows the University of Toronto. (Shutterstock)

Dan (pseudonym) obtained virtual private network (VPN) access for the first time through a Canadian student ID in September 2017. This was the first time in his life that he traversed the CCP firewall.

For protection, he registered a foreign social media Twitter (Twitter) with a fake name and a fake address, and even set his gender as female; and started to browse various topics on Twitter, including Chinese political dialogue.

After he arrived in Canada and started his life as an international student, he also stayed on Twitter but never dared to talk and post on it. What he did was to repost 3 posts: the news of the death of Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, a satire video of Xi Jinping, and a picture of the CCP government’s corruption.

His Twitter account has only 2 fans. As his schoolwork increased, he gradually had no time to follow Twitter, and he never participated in any political activities on campus. In order to have the opportunity to stay in Canada, he studied hard.

One day out of sudden, he received an anxious call from his father from mainland. “Son, did you say something about the Chinese government on the Internet? The Public Security Bureau called us twice.” Father asked.

Soon after, Dan’s WeChat  (Chinese version of Whatsapp) received a request from a CCP policeman for adding  a friend. Dan did not take it rashly, and the police officer kept sending him messages and even called him.

“I told him they might have found the wrong person.” Dan told the “Star” reporter. But the police insisted on looking for him.

Dan said, “The police told me that the Ministry of Public Security tracked me through my IP address and knew where I lived in Canada. They had evidence that the Twitter account belonged to me.” What? he did not violate the CCP’s Internet ethics or do criminal behaviour.

Judging from the screenshots and recordings of the conversation between the CCP police and Dan that he provided to The Star, Dan tried to use his legal expertise to collect information from the police. The police only answered “confidential” and ordered him to delete the “offensive post immediately. “

When Dan asked, “What will happen if you refuse to delete it,” the police said, “You will get into trouble.”

According to the report, “getting into trouble” is a well-known euphemism in China that represents the CCP’s national persecution; it can range from repeated visiting you and phone calls to bans on travel, joblessness, and house arrest. The CCP authorities often threaten their relatives in China to suppress overseas dissidents.

Dan told reporters that at that moment, “To be honest, I was scared.”

Dan confided to one of his Canadian professors, who encouraged him to report to the Quebec police. But when he showed up at the police station with all the evidence, the police said that they could do nothing about what happened in China.

This frustrated Dan because although he is not sure what the Canadian police can do to help his parents in China, he thinks the police will at least accept his report so that if something happens to him or his family, they will have some information in files.

In frustration, Dan deleted his reposts on Twitter.

After returning to his dorm, Dan couldn’t help wondering how the Chinese authorities tracked him overseas? Why do they care about his influence with only two fans? And how can a democratic country like Canada do so little to protect him?

Authoritarian regime is crossing borders to track free people overseas

Ronald Deibert, director of the Citizens Laboratory at the University of Toronto, told The Star that “authoritarians and dictatorships can cross borders more effectively than in the past.”

“We assume that connections across borders are benign, but these are also tools used by autocrats to track their goals, including journalists, researchers, and immigrants. Moving abroad does not give people the level of protection they once did.”

CCP officials come to the door to harass Canadian voters and influence elections

Reports say that Beijing leaders believe that they have the authority to restrict the freedom of speech for Chinese overseas who have lived abroad for many years or even for generations. The report also mentioned an interview with Brad West, the mayor of Port Coquitlam near Vancouver.

His dozens of Chinese voters received threatening calls from CCP government officials, and  these officials even came to the door in person, which shocked him off the chin because these people are not public figures, most of them are first- or second-generation immigrants from China, engaged in various ordinary occupations.

His voters said that CCP officials expressed anger at “some trivial things, such as posting on social media or participating in an event.” West said that he had warned the police and federal agencies because these Chinese were too scared to report them.

It is so disturbing to hear that these people—they are our people and live in our communities—are being monitored and harassed by a foreign government on Canadian soil. “It’s also shocking that they are very scared. When we met in my office, they wanted to close the blinds. They were so scared.”

West believes that such harassment occurs throughout Canada, as did federal intelligence officials. But he worries that many people targeted stayed silent because they dare not ask for help, or they think that Canadian politicians will not care if they told them.

A spokesperson for Canadian Heritage, a federal government agency, told the Star in an email that they are working with the Department of Justice and other government agencies to develop a strategy to better protect Canada People’s privacy and rights. However, she said: “Given the scope of this major work, we cannot provide a specific timetable now.”

The report said that although Beijing’s targets in Canada are often Chinese, this is far from a marginal issue that affects a minority of the population. There are nearly 500,000 ethnic Chinese in Vancouver, accounting for about 20% of the population of the region. There are also more than 630,000 Chinese in the Toronto Area.

Commentary: If this article were published 4 years ago, people either wouldn’t believe it, or regard it as a big issue. Yet during last 4 years of Whistleblower Movement exposing CCP’s overseas strategy to use democracy of the West to defeat the West, we realized and witnessed what the CCP’s thug regime could do to suppress the dissidents, be they are in China or overseas, be they Chinese or foreigners. In another word: should CCP succeeded to overtake the West and America as the Big Brother of the world, there is nowhere for anyone on this globe to flee for safety.

Now Dan is wondering how the CCP has tracked him? This is the first gun of CCP’s invincible weapon -BGY:

B-Blue: cyber hacker and media control

G-Gold: money bribe and lure

Y-Yellow: sex, not only like Fangfang sleeping with congressman, also child sex

What more I concerned is that with CCP’s vaccine policy, they are not only track people, they are also able to manipulate brain and behaviour and DNA of any one who had vaccinated, because all the vaccines contain graphite ethylene, which is the agent to connect AI in future.

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