Angry, furious businesswoman throws a punch into computer, screaming. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, feelings, aggression, anger management issues

Author : Jin Wang Editor: Isabella

Sometimes you meet someone that opens a door for you
That door leads you to connect to your awareness
Your inner self
If you so choose to peek on the other side
That awareness bridges you to a life you never knew existed
To ascend into a clearer view beyond all perception
Into a sudden knowing beyond all comprehension 
Into a purer truth beyond all space, all time…all words
Where just one glimpse 
Immeasurably brief yet infinite
Will forever change
Forever free you from this illusory world
From all you only thought you knew before

A life where you look with your own eyes
To understand and see
A life where there are no walls to keep you
Silenced and Blinded

Until that moment…

That moment reveals new insights and revelations about yourself
And your meaning and purpose within this world we live
Once you connect
And start viewing your life from that vantage point
You can no longer pretend
That what you have now newly witnessed
Therefore, the life you once lived
Can never be the same again

Since Lies are Sweet
And the Truth is Bitter 
I’m not surprised
The Immorality and Greed
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