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On September 14 in his live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo sent a message to Xi Jinping that he has been monitored closely by Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu who are part of the international dark organizations agents in Communist China.

As early as in February 2017, Miles was aware of information about Xi’s upcoming visit to the United States. During his visit, Xi would rather went straight to President Trump’s Sea Lake estate for ingratiation instead of staying at the White House. Due to security and other concerns, Xi didn’t rest there but chose the Holiday Inn Water Palm Beach instead. The CCP leaders have always taken security matters seriously as all dictators do. Xi brought it to another level. He brought two of each Boeing 737s, 747s, also a 767s, and several transport planes carrying his cars and helicopters. The hotel where he stayed was even emptied and cleared a month ago. However, the conversations and movements of Xi and his wife, Ms. Peng Liyuan, at the Water Palm Hotel were recorded and videotaped. Mr. Guo Wengui cited a conversation from the recordings or videotapes as evidence which Peng Liyuan complained to Xi about the Water Palm Hotel “outdated facilities and bad food at the Sea Lake Manor.”

Miles called on Xi to question the Central Security Bureau(CSB): Why was this conversation, which was only known in the two involved persons, recorded? How was it recorded? And how did it get out? Why did the CSB dare to secretly install a camera in the General Secretary’s place of residence and send the contents to the United States in writing? Shockingly, the US President Trump knew nothing about it!

In addition, during his 2017 visit to the UK, Xi’s movements were recorded and videotaped despite the highest security. Miles revealed that an organization has been collecting information about Xi and his family’s whereabouts and privacy. These videos and recordings will be released before the  20th National Congress of the CCP. What organization is responsible for this? Who is in charge of it? Is there someone inside Communist China who is more concerned about the whereabouts of Xi and his family than Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu? There are more than one such secret organizations targeting him. They will not let Xi be re-elected in the 20th National Congress. Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and the international dark forces behind are too much for Xi to handle.

Furthermore, the CCP has a long history of turning on each other and spying on each other. At a time when the CCP is at the end of its rope, the internal strangulation of the CCP will speed up the process of eliminating the CCP. But we do not want China to go through turbulent times like the Three Kingdoms, or the Five Dynasties, and Ten Kingdoms. We hope that, like a targeted demolition, the scum in the Zhongnanhai and the international evil forces behind it will be wiped out. The Chinese people will be given back their true freedom and dignity.

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