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On September 13, Luo Jianxi, chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, reiterated in an interview with the media that the Democratic Party will hold a general meeting on September 26 to vote on its intention to participate in the Hong Kong Legislative Council election in December. Previously, the Democratic Party was threatened by the CCP due to boycotting the election.

In order to completely control the Hong Kong Legislative Council, the CCP has not hesitated to modify the Hong Kong election system. Whether the Democratic Party can stand for election has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. After the Hong Kong general election officially began on August 13, Lu Wenduan, the vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, threatened the Democratic Party many times, saying that if the Democratic Party boycotts the election, it is tantamount to confronting the central government and violates the National Security Law. There is only one dead end. The CCP cares so much about the performance of the Democratic Party’s participation in the election. It just wants the democrats to be a vase and make the election less ugly, just like the People’s Congress of the so-called “Participation in and Discussing Politics” of the democratic parties that the CCP has been in the country for 70 years, replicated in Hong Kong politics. Fake elections and transplanting dictatorship to Hong Kong are the core of the CCP’s actions.

It was previously reported that the Hong Kong Democratic Party is actually brewing a “third way” within the Hong Kong Democratic Party, that is, it does not oppose party members to stand for election in their own name. The Democratic Party will not provide support and will not expel the person concerned from the party. However, Luo Jianxi recently stated that if the party meeting on September 26 decides that the Democratic Party will not participate in the Legislative Council elections, in this case individual party members still insist on running for the election, he will first persuade them to withdraw from the Democratic Party. This also shows that the Hong Kong Democratic Party will not collude and compromise with the CCP.

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无惧中共威胁,香港民主党将投票决定是否参选立法会 – GNEWS

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