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 Image Source:Xinhuanet

According to UDN on September 8, 2021,  a few days ago, the CCP sent inspection teams to 31 universities and criticized such famous schools including Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan, and Zhejiang University. They were accused of violating the eight regulations of the central government with political problems, as well as poor quality of ideological and political courses and poor ideological and political construction. 

 Qiu Yong, Principal of Tsinghua University, has a high degree of political awareness. He stressed that “a university cannot be separated from its country, it belongs to the country”. He hoped that the students would consciously integrate their personal ideals and pursuits into the country’s prosperity and national rejuvenation.

 According to statistics, more than half of Tsinghua alumni who went abroad in the past 10 years have returned to work in Communist China, and this ratio is still expanding.

From the first day, the CCP lied that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation would be achieved. 100 years have passed and the CCP has not yet achieved its goal. Now they are asking students to selflessly achieve their goals for them. Tsinghua used to be the great university in the world now is only the place to produce “little pinko”.

 Source:    https://udn.com/news/story/7332/5731015