Written/Translated by: Sister Karamazov

Image source: www.dw.com

According to CCP propaganda mouthpiece GlobalTimes on its Wechat platform, by September 15 local time, CCP virus full vaccination rate (2 shots) for teachers and students over 18 years old in the education system exceeds 95%, and the full vaccination rate for students aged 12 to 17 has reached 91%.

Ironically, after more than 90% teachers and students being vaccinated, CCP began to play the “good cop” in this report and claimed that the education system should “cooperate with relevant organizations and vaccinate qualified teachers and students under the premise of ‘laws and regulations’” and should be “informed, agreed, and voluntary”.

Countless evidence has shown the numerous horrible side effects of CCP virus vaccines. Yet the vaccination rate in Chinese education system is strikingly high, and majority of the teenagers have already been vaccinated. This is harming humanity from the root. The vaccine craziness has to be stopped immediately, otherwise the damage would be unbearable (perhaps it’s already the case now).

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QzEKHiU9l7YFkjbsHyH5NQ

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