Author: Jin Wang Editor: Isabella

What an ignorance 
We have been
The very life we live
Revealed foolish
And meaningless
No Mercy
No Morality
No Faith

Our experience
A living limbo
A cruel bardo
Where hearts
Swore that it
Recognized and praised
Life’s Absolute
And Eternal Grace
Just to have it
Taken away
So that we horrifically find
That we are plummeting
Back down to this
God-forsaken world
With so much
More pain
With so much 
Less worth
Karma’s hammer
Pounds us all 
Down hard into 
The black bowels 
Of the Earth
Burying ours souls deep 
With the moist decay
And the tunneling 
Squirm of the worms
Scorched by the Hellfire
Of Incarnation’s 
Perpetual spurn of
Oppression, Persecution and Sin

We have no choice
Other than to weep
In our hopeless existence
In the chasm of this
But to slowly turn 
The soft other cheek
In prayer that
This Dark Storm
Subsides 🙏🏻