Author: Jin Wang Editor: Isabella

These perpetual Untruths
These endless Coverups
Makes me feel
Like we will never again
Catch a breath
Like we will always be
In infinite snaring nets
Of those who snarl with guilt and glee
Thrumming and humming
The ugliness they breed
Forever reaching
For that never-ending government
While rocketing forward
Towards it
In Exhilarating

Like toxic oxygen
We breathe in
And we breathe out
Gasping for clean air
A vacuous conundrum
Resonating and beating
Deep within broken and sullen hearts
As the movements
Ultimately advance
Into the asphyxiation
Of the suffocating Dark

The oppressive news
Then crystallize
Into a tapestry
Of Living Hell
While words
Are jostling and careening
In a fight for
Freedom and Truth
To fully
And then
Pull us slowly apart
So that the words
Come pouring out
Like the most
Violent of Seas
Like a Destructive
Soulless Seed
Growing deep down below
Whose roots fester in
Filth and dirt
The Light of Hope
With the slow
Emergent pain
That is dawning
Each day

Oh, these truly
Unholy affirmations
Of the unfathomable
Infinity of trickery and deceit
The negative loathing energy
Flooding in
From all sides
To Drown Us
In Their
Cesspool of
Division, Lies and Sin