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Hello, brothers and sisters. I just went out for a meeting and received an important certificate. Today is a big day with this grand document.

Surprisingly, somebody even recognized me and called me “Mr. Miles Guo, Mr. Miles Guo.” Am I so famous? But your Brother-7 is really in the world’s spotlight today. The deal of over 500 million US dollars (with SEC) became the media’s front-page stories. Our New Federal State of China (NFSC) is doing something big.

But I want to reiterate that our lawyers have reviewed the Wall Street Journal’s report and ascertained the facts.  Those WSJ bastards and scums are just making up bullshit, making up lies.

It is not a $530 million fine at all — that $530 million includes a $490 million refund of the fellow fighters’ investment. G-TV, the Saraca company, and other parties were fined over $20 millions in total. Nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG) was fined $5 million. The total fine is around $35 million.

The fine for the whole G-TV investors is $30 million dollars, which is the fine for the previous G-TV company. I am awfully sorry. Sara (VOG) was fined $5 million. And the remaining $490 million is the amount of our fellow fighters’ investment from the original G-TV “old chair investors”. EVERYBODY can apply for a refund in 14 days. All of you. Bravo!

There is another major event ongoing today or tomorrow. A big event! The 90-day deadline is on the verge. If this thing does not work out, what your Brother-7 said was going to happen in 90 days will not come into being.

The 90-day deadline — watch me slap the CCP in the face, slap these fake pro-democracy activists in their faces, blow them with a fart. Watch how they can only awkwardly tolerate it but do nothing about it. Remember, everybody, 90 days.

Let me reiterate that it was not a $530 million fine — even a $530 million fine is no different from a $30 million fine. It is not such a big deal. It is nothing at all to Brother-7 and our fellow fighters who are dedicated to eliminating the CCP.

Next, more news will make the front pages or headlines today or tomorrow. But you can tell that the Wall Street Journal, the traditional media, the so-called serious press — screw them — are all lying plainly through their teeth.  I was even fooled at first, I really believed that we were fined $530 million.

Well, brothers and sisters, I will say no more. You guys wait and see. In no more than 24 hours, there will be one more big deal.