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Last week, Isabella Alexander, a year 13 Mary’s Ponsonby student, died after receiving her COVID-19 mRNA jab.

(NOTE: Overseas media have misunderstood the meaning of “year 13” and reported Ms Alexander as a 13-year-old. Year 13 is the final year of New Zealand’s high school system, and year 13 students are usually around 17 to 18 years old.)

Ms Alexander was healthy and had no previous health concerns. Her death was allegedly due to cardiac arrest from a blood clot in the heart.

“Our prayers today are with the St Mary’s College, Ponsonby, community. Isabella Alexander, a Year 13 student, died this morning, due to a suspected heart attack – not COVID. This is an absolute tragedy for Isabella’s whanau, friends and school community. Please keep them all in your prayers,” wrote St Joseph’s Catholic School Takapuna Principal Alister Bridgman in a statement.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has denied that the experimental vaccine caused Ms Alexander’s death. She then encouraged New Zealanders to get vaccinated, saying it could save lives.

“All I would say is, those who seek to make those links, I just can’t imagine how distressing that would be for family members,” continued Ms Ardern, “We’ve been advised in that particular case that there is no link.”

“If there is information there to be shared, it is reported to us, and we proactively share that, so I would advise caution on believing some of the information that is shared by those who are ultimately seeking to undermine people’s decision around being vaccinated.”

“Even if there is a possibility [of the death being caused by the vaccine] a health professional would notify our system, and in those ones where there will be a lot of interest, I get an email on the day, and I’ve had no emails about that,” said New Zealand Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

New Zealand mainstream news media outlet Newshub called Ms Alexander’s death “an unfounded rumour.” The mainstream outlet’s unfounded statement echoes the pro-government propaganda of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media.

Blood clots and heart failures are among the reported causes of death for the increasing number of deceased COVID-19 vaccine recipients worldwide. In August, a New Zealand woman who received the Pfizer vaccine died from myocarditis.

Over 30 vaccine recipients in New Zealand have died since receiving their shot. New Zealand government body MedSafe states that these deaths are not related to the vaccine but have not provided proof to support their claim.

However, MedSafe has also stated that they do not know if vaccination prevents or reduces COVID-19 transmission.

New Zealand officials have stated that they remain confident in administering the Pfizer vaccine to the New Zealand population. According to Ministry of Health statistics, around 66 per cent of New Zealand’s vaccine eligible population have received their first jab.

Latest News South Africa. (September 11, 2021). Isabella Alexander NZ Death: 13-year-old student from Ponsonby, Auckland reportedly dies shortly after receiving experimental jab.

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