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In the live broadcast on September 10, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo talked about the collapse of Evergrande, the Biden-Xi phone call, the secret society, the Sino-Russian relations, and the situation in Taiwan. Below are the highlights of the live broadcast.

People have to speak like humans and act like humans. The world is having a dispute over Covid vaccination. Half of the people are vaccinated, and the other half are about to be forced to do so. The West still has illusions and wants to collude with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). China produces nothing but the CCP. The CCP depends on the demographic dividend of China’s 1.4 billion people who are exploited without compensation. The so-called financial curves of all kinds are guessing and cheating.

Russia’s Abu does not invest in Communist China.

Putin asked Abu (phonetic translation) why he didn’t invest in China. Abu said he couldn’t handle the CCP, a party of fraudulence and falsehood. Abu became a governor in a remote region of Russia and gave away shares in a TV station to the state, but he wouldn’t go to Communist China. He has the best taste among all tycoons and owns the most valuable 747 planes. All his belongings were custom made. He owns the most loyal club and never appears in front of the camera. He sets the standard for the world’s yacht industry. Abu had the trust of Yeltsin’s daughter & Yeltsin, who later picked Putin. Putin told Abu not to invest in China because China has everything but credit and not to get involved in Chinese politics. The CCP is a mafia. Putin also has a rule that at least he won’t punish his own buddies.

It is no accident that Mr. Miles Guo is taking down the CCP.

I went to Black River at the age of 13 to sell jeans, got married at 15, and had a son at 16. At that time, the 3500 yuan Suzuki 125, Legend 400, and Nanjing Jeep 220 I have were equivalent to now multiple 747 planes and mansions, or Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s wealth combined. In 1989 I sold motorcycles to fund the students’ pro-democracy movement. The largest denomination of money at that time was 10 yuan. My 3000-yuan cash filled a big bag. I made 2,000 yuan in six months, which is equivalent to 200 billion yuan today.

A teacher released from the Qingfeng Detention Center before me came back to the prison to visit me and brought roasted chicken. I was already being watched at that time. Inside the detention center, I was developing followers to take down the CCP. I integrated what this teacher taught me in my blood. This revolution to destroy the CCP was no accident. It wasn’t that simple. I could have gotten out of the Qingfeng Detention Center earlier, but I chose not to. We’ll talk about the reason later. At that time, I was the only one who had so much money and supported the student movement. I did not kneel once inside the detention center. The Orthodox Church thinks it is different from Christianity. After I learned about Orthodoxy, I learned about Mormonism. I just want the CCP to know that this destruction of the CCP is no accident and when I am going to take you down. My history cannot be falsified at all, because the CCP has been watching over me, and we are the only ones that stand by the truth. China, such a large country, has no religion of any faith, but equal wealth and poverty. If you want to really understand me, go and study my past carefully.

Evergrande is in the business of high interest loans.

In February 2017, those tycoons in Hong Kong were playing the game of financial fraud, a game of the triads. Xu Jiayin rose from sweeping toilets to dealing with high interest loans in Hong Kong. Evergrande is a Ponzi scheme. Xi Yuanping, Che Feng, Li Botan, Jack Ma, and the garbage people of China Development Bank gave support to Xu Jiayin’s Evergrande, which is all usury and scam. In 2017, I broke the news of Evergrande. Four years have passed. If I were wrong, what would have been the consequences for the Whistleblowers Movement? Xu Jiayin came from Henan. He used various reasons to contact me, but I have never met him. One of my investors in Hong Kong said at the time that I had a righteous face while Xu Jiayin had an evil face, so he quit after investing in Xu Jiayin once one time. Don’t follow these shills to the trap (A shill is a fake customer hired by the seller to dupe others to buy). If I exposed Evergrande too early, they would make adjustments to reduce their loans, which is not good for the destruction of the CCP. Given the pandemic and the vaccine disaster, it’s the best time to blow the whistle on Evergrande.

Biden called Xi Jinping.

Qatar came to me for advice and had to sign an agreement before I could say anything. I could definitely make money if I played finance and shorted the stocks. Biden called Xi. Who initiated the call? I was the first to know besides the parties involved. What was the purpose of their conversation? It was to prop up the US economy and markets. The lower Biden’s polls go, the more the economy grows. Why is that? Does Biden not care if the CCP attacks Taiwan? Biden cares about his personal matters, which is good for taking down the CCP. The vaccine disaster will never be solved if Biden doesn’t require mandatory vaccination. If 10 million people in the US take to the streets, the vaccine will be over. Successful people spend their lives in trouble challenges, and losers spend their lives in peace mediocrity. Even Khamenei’s kids are afraid to live in Iran.

Yesterday I went to streets to check the luxury car dealers in Manhattan. The most luxurious brands of cars were all sold out. One of the real estate agents told me that all their listings were completely sold out. Only two things can happen in this situation. One, the state prints a lot of money; and two, money grows out of the ground. Faced with the pandemic, many wealthy people are enjoying themselves when they can. The US economy will need another $3 trillion to sustain itself until the end of this year and $10 trillion by the end of next year. When the US economy is finished, so will the CCP’s economy.

Big Head Liar Lude said I got my fame from Snake Demon Yan. The repatriation procedures for Hong Kong passport holders and Chinese passport holders are completely different. Just like Xi’s phone call with Biden, it has nothing to do with us, and we don’t need to be anxious. The US is more nervous than we are about Evergrande. You need to relate Xi and Biden’s phone call to the US economy and markets, otherwise you won’t understand international politics. Without the Whistleblowers Movement, many of our brothers in arms would have been victims of Evergrande. Peter Ma sued our Himalaya Sakura Farm Japan. If he has the guts, he should sue me.

Wang Qishan executes the plan of the forces behind him.

Have you studied Wang Qishan’s influence in China? Why has nothing happened to the Jiang family? Why did the Zeng family go to Australia? Why doesn’t the Western media blow the whistle on Wang Qishan? What evil forces are protecting them? The most miserable person will be Xi Jinping. Putin has the Orthodox Church behind him. Wang Qishan has the support of Chen Yuan, Jiang and Zhu families, who are backed by international forces. Wang Qishan has the supports of Chen Yuan and both Jiang and Zhu families are backed up by the international forces.

I told them yesterday that the call between Xi and Biden would not last more than 100 minutes, and that the talk was about those few items and the talks were about those few topics. If there is no problem between China and Russia, we will not see the demise of the CCP. If China and the US cooperate, the CCP will die immediately. The 93 million members of the CCP including Xi Jinping no longer have any ability or strength to decide their fate, and this is the point of no return. Wang Qishan has long said that the good times would not come. He entered Beijing in 2003 during SARS. He was not given the job as a member of the Standing Committee by Xi, Hu and Jiang, but by other dark forces.

The CCP is the grandson of the original Communist Party in Russia and is pro-Russian to the bone. Putin took Xi to see the defense system and Xi was shocked. He went back to China and built a copy. The People’s Liberation Army is full of shit. Wang Qishan is working for the evil forces behind him, not for Xi. Wang Qishan reported to Xi, “Whether Trump wins or not, there is bound to be a violent battle between China and the US, and that China and the US will battle over the Middle East. China should take over Africa because it needs markets. China should take over Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, the US, Canada, and the Brazilian breadbasket.” This means the evil forces in the world told Wang Qishan to follow implement their plan 100% of the in time and he carried out the orders without any deviation. Wang Qishan arrested 1 million party members. Was he doing this just to help Xi? If Wang was not 100% sure of his ability to control Xi, he would not do so.

Almost 20 officials of China Development Bank (CDB) were arrested and half of them were Xi’s people. Chen Yuan is one of Wang Qishan’s running dogs. Who did the CDB give the money to? Take a good look at the money for the Belt and Road projects, the BGY (Blue-Internet, Gold-Money, Yellow-Sex) of various countries, and the support for various domestic small and medium-sized technology enterprises. To what extent is Zhang Hongwei and CDB’s wrongdoing? Zhang Hongwei went overseas to help these countries borrow money and he pocketed 20% commission. CDB is surprisingly a shareholder of Oriental Energy in Hong Kong and invests in other companies he owns. Liu Yandong and his family’s money all have ties to CDB.

Zhang Hongwei and Wang Qishan, Chen Yuan and Yao’s family have a mission. This organization controls the wallet of the nation and the leaders. The remaining are slaves who deserve to be killed. This organization is absolutely against the nation and against one person one vote. Putin wants to be the president for life and serve the elites. He will kill those who don’t want to be enslaved. Xi has learned from Putin. Xi can’t stop even if he wants to. If Xi wants to work with Biden today, the first one to kill him would be Russia. The biggest threat to the US is definitely not China. There are five evil countries behind the madness of the CCP. Americans didn’t even believe me when I told them about it in 2017. However, it is impossible to destroy the CCP or know when it will die without this knowledge.

Wang Jianlin’s purpose in showing off his paintings and calligraphy on TV.

We cannot generalize that these entrepreneurs are money launderers and white gloves (proxy owners who hold assets on behalf of the CCP officials). We have to have rational analysis. Very few people, including those in Hong Kong, really have good taste. Ma Weidu plays with counterfeits every day, but he is a very sophisticated individual, and still lives by humanity and rules. In the eyes of the CCP, they only trust people who they have had sex with. Liu Changle believes in such a culture, and he has been in bed with almost all the hosts of Phoenix TV. When a Chinese man is rich and powerful, girls rush to him, which is horrible.

Wang Jianlin wants to be a world class tycoon. No one in the world is going to respect a real estate developer. Trump is the most powerful developer in Manhattan and gets no respect. This ignorance of Wang Jianlin is very scary. Wang Yongyu never authenticates his paintings because there are too many counterfeits. When Chen Luyu interviewed Wang Jianlin on Phoenix, he was not showing off. Instead, he was sending a message to the officials, telling them that he was a great man in the art world and his paintings were real. He was seducing the officials. The key idea of Wang Jianlin was to prove the artwork’s authenticity on TV, so he could go to the bank and pledge them for cash. You’re not a real estate developer without your own appraisal agency. There isn’t a developer who isn’t involved in a real estate trust.

Evergrande wanted to build electric cars, but it could only assemble cars and the business would not be profitable in 10 years.  At the end of the day Evergrande was playing with finance. A buddy of mine got Evergrande shares and mortgaged it. He immediately took a billion and cashed out.

In the art world, it is a one-stop service. They pledge the painting and calligraphy for money. The money Pan Shiyi got from the land mortgage in Shanghai was eventually taken away by Zhou Liang and Kang Dian, a sum of 200 billion yuan. Kang Dian’s power is not only from Yao Yilin. Wang Jianlin also wanted to play this game. In this video, Chen Luyu won an advertising fee of 20 million yuan for her employer, and she earned a 3-million-yuan broker fee. There might be sex involved as a CCP business etiquette, which is usually performed in the so-called elegant room. Wang Jianlin could mortgage the artwork for 200 million yuan. There are no businessmen in this world who don’t love money. Those children of the officials don’t care about money because money comes too easily.

The CCP is the legitimate Illuminati of China.

I was talking to Japanese people about Buddhism as if I knew a lot. At that time, I really believed it. Later I knew I was very ignorant after I figured out what Buddhism is and what religion is. The CCP was able to come to China with the support of international forces, the Communist League. The Illuminati worships Hitler and Stalin. The CCP is the legal Illuminati in China. Mao died of a heart attack caused by Zhang Yufeng because he kept her naked in his room. Zhang Yufeng knew too many of their secrets. Mao told Liu Shaoqi not to fight to him. Mao said he was a spokesman for the Communist International. When Jiang Zemin wanted to remove Yang Baibing, Yang Baibing said he was a member of the Russian Illuminati, which scared Jiang Zemin. All this was told to me by Deng’s family members. Later Deng Xiaoping removed Yang Baibing because he told the secret that should not be said.

Zhou Xiaochuan said that if Guo Wengui had been allowed to live like this, what would have happened? He said Guo Wengui’s G series was not about money, and the G series would not blossom in the United States but in St. Petersburg. If you do not know the Illuminati or those evil organizations and the African savannah, you will never know the rules of their game. Zhou Xiaochuan, Wang Qishan, Yao Yilin, and others are lovers of the African savannah animal world, and they know the rules of the game. The boss of the Bank of China in St. Petersburg is the son-in-law of Wei Jianxing. Wei Jianxing only wanted to be an official with power to arrest people. Wang Qishan’s money is only a fraction of the wealth controlled by Zhou Xiaochuan. Zhang Hongwei is the boss of East Asia. Look at Fan Yifei and Guo Shuqing, then we know that Peter Ma is so influential that he can set a trap for world politics. In comparison, Wang Jianlin, Jack Ma, and others are really too low.

Loyalty out of the bottom of the heart is the highest form of loyalty.

Peter Ma has a full range of licenses for the financial markets. I am capable of doing both finance and real estate, as well as trusts and funds, but I never took out a penny from China. The most important thing that the Illuminati emphasizes is the spirit of the oath, which is not to betray. Peter Ma controls others through money. Loyalty without demands is the highest level of loyalty, and that’s what the New Federal State of China is looking for. Do the evil communists have the Chinese people in mind? They want you to have no money and no education so he can control you. The premise of communism is that yours is mine and mine is mine. For the CCP, doing everything on their terms is called devotion and obedience.

Xi Jinping moved to the place where Mao Zedong once lived, thinking that it was a place with good feng shui for sex and eternity. Now you know why I had to build Pangu. No matter how the CCP changed the dragon-shaped on top of the building, the ground energy of Pangu is there, which is absolute providence. Draw a line from Pangu to Kaifeng, to Qingfeng, to Hunan, then to Hong Kong. What does these lines look like? The CCP will surely be destroyed by us, and the Chinese people will surely be liberated.

The only thing I have to do is to prevent a chaotic world, so China doesn’t break into the Three Kingdoms or the Ten Kingdoms. There will be many rebellions like Chen Sheng and Wu Guang in between, but those with a mission will definitely live to the end. No need to worry about others or worry about yourself. See what you can do and what you must do. Xi Jinping’s call with Biden has no effect on us and will not change the course of the world. Many people use this to make excuses for themselves to cover up their lack of self-confidence in destroying the CCP. Don’t make excuses for your own selfishness, cowardice, and ignorance. We ask and expect nothing from others for our mission to destroy the CCP. We rely entirely on our own heart, practice, and creation, and we should not criticize anyone. Those who believe us will follow and those who do not will leave. I am convinced that we will exterminate the CCP.

Three quotes from the movie “Chernobyl”

We must make sure that people understand that the epidemic was uncontrollable when we first broke the news in 2019 to early 2020. By now so many people have died around the world. The award-winning film “Chernobyl” has three good conversations. The first one is from the official who was not taken seriously in Moscow, and it turned out that he was put in charge of the situation. The scientist said, “It’s not that you’re the least important. You’re here taking care of the traffic and the people in every way. You’re the one who saved us. You’re too important.” That’s a brilliant line. A bureaucratic and corrupt system always pushes good people into a situation to be responsible, and God really lets him do it successfully. The Chernobyl rescue was well done, otherwise all of Europe would have been lost. The second quote is from the energy chief. He said, “the Jews were killed by Stalin before this. The Poles were taken out by them. The place was unpopulated. Here come the people who live here now. They think that only Jews and Poles would die, they would not die, and now it is their turn to die.” This speech is so shocking. The film won awards in America. It was a very sensitive subject and was played in Hollywood, which was 99% controlled by the Jews. The third line is the scientist’s statement. He said, “everything is a lie, and there is a price for the lie.” Just like today’s vaccines, people think that only other people are infected, but not themselves.

Mandatory vaccination in the US is the best gift for the destruction of the CCP.

90% of the people who have been vaccinated are ignorant and afraid to die. The two people I’m about to have dinner with have had three shots and they are scared to death. Not all of them can return with full blood after a Covid infection. People are taking chances and are ignorant. The chances of surviving a second infection are slim. Don’t kill yourself and your family out of ignorance and fear. Don’t think there is medicine that can save you completely because half your life is gone after infection. Why are Big Head Lude and Daddy-seeking Bo bashing the Whistleblowers Movement? Because we tell the truth. People must be prepared for the long haul and really think about this. Forced vaccination in the US military is the best gift to us for the destruction of the CCP. Only when these defense contractors and the military take to the streets, will people have the strength to fight the vaccine policy. Many Western bigwigs have come to talk to me, and they are now firmly with us to exterminate the CCP. Those who were firmly opposed to my stance before are now coming to meet with me. Anyone who does not want to exterminate the CCP is not qualified to talk to me.

The biggest news of the 90 days will be the G series.

The US can’t print money to keep its economy strong. The closed economy of the CCP can’t be strong either. If China and the US economies are finished, will the world economy be fine? At the end of the day our virtual currency will be the strongest. The world will not be peaceful with China and Russia at odds with each other. All of these issues will create geopolitical turmoil in the world.

The people of the New Federal State of China are going to have to form a tight group. We must have money, talent, and political and military power of all kinds. The fake CCP dissidents who bash the Whistleblowers Movement will not have a future. Let them tell lies until they are tired. The biggest news of the 90 days I’m talking about will be the G series. A lot of people want to invest in Gettr, but we don’t need their investment. Our brothers in arms have 5% of Gettr shares and hardly have to pay a penny. Several major institutions are coming in to invest in Himalaya Exchange (Mr. Guo said Himalaya Reserve in Chinese. According to the Himalya Exchange website, the issuer of Himalaya Coins is Himalaya International Financial Group Ltd.) and Gettr. They are worth $100 billion in each, which are just the starting price, and not anyone can invest. Our Himalaya Coins at $1 a piece are worth $100 billion. At $100 a piece, they are worth $10 trillion. Any real estate development will not make more than 10% profit, and anyone lost money in real estate deserves no sympathy. Those who play along with Evergrande are greedy and have completely lost their common logic. I blew the whistle on Evergrande and Jack Ma four years ago, but anyone who still believes them deserves trouble. All the money from our G series investors is there without a penny spent. The Rule of Law Foundation is all overseen by lawyers.

It is not permissible for the Dejiaoshe to charge fees.

Dejiaoshe charges 1000 euros for education. Anyone who wants to go can go, but don’t involve people at GTV and the farm. Don’t join the Whistleblowers Movement if you join Dejiaoshe. We are a platform for the extermination of the CCP. You’re free to join Dejiaoshe, but we have the right to cancel your G series investment and the Himalaya farm can reject your membership. Using our platform to collect money is not allowed. Dejiaoshe is here to distract people on day one. Your karma in the past determines the outcome of the day.

For the first dose of vaccination, hydroxychloroquine plus zinc and ivermectin are very effective. I have said this many times on air, so listen carefully.

Black Swan and Taiwan

The Black Swan incident is a big shock to Xi and the CCP. Many people write to Xi saying that a successful Winter Olympics is very important, so don’t attack Taiwan before the game. They continue to say, when the US economy fails, it is a good time to invade Taiwan. Xi agrees. However, as long as Xi is in power, he will fight Taiwan, but the evil international forces will not give the CCP much chance.

The biggest victim this time is Israel. I don’t believe in any religion in the world. The sperm bank our fund invested in has gone up 7,000 times in value, and it cost very little at the time. Sperm and eggs would be the most expensive, as I said four years ago. The poverty we should fear the most is the poverty in our minds. Stay alive, you will be a winner.

Closing Remarks

Evergrande collapsed. Guangzhou R&F, Ping An, Lufax, Jack Ma, Tencent, Baidu, Bank of Beijing, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Bank, and Industrial Bank will definitely be finished. Zhang Hongwei will be torn into pieces by five horses (a punishment in ancient China similar to being quartered), just because he owns that painting. Qincheng prison will have to imprison some people and release many others. We need to bring populous support to GTV by engaging our brothers in arms and get them new GTV shares at the lowest price. If you’re not careful enough, go out and fool around without a mask, or take no prophylactic drugs and get vaccinated, you deserve the trouble. Some of our brothers in arms don’t buy or stock up medicines, don’t wear masks, and come to us when they get sick. If you don’t take your own life seriously, will you take the Whistleblowers Movement seriously? It’s even worse if you don’t exercise. Cherish what you have, and then pursue what you want, because today is tomorrow, and today is everything.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast.)

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