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The COVID-19 vaccines could cause irreversible damage to the human body’s immune system, lead to a variety of adverse side effects and various diseases, and even endanger lives. Israel, once the front-runner in the COVID-19 vaccination race, is now one of the frontlines suffering secondary disasters from vaccine politics as cases are surging. Analyses based on last week’s data show that Israel has the highest per capita caseload and severity of anywhere.

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Vaccinating children and young people under the age of thirty are rolling out a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by the Israeli government has led to a trend of high heart disease rates among young Israelis. People feel cheated by the government and even have doubts about religion. There are also doctors in Israel who use ivermectin to treat CCP virus infections, but again, it is suppressed by internet censorship.

Mr. Miles Guo mentioned in his live broadcast on August 28 that the plan to purify humanity is being carried out by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the CCP, and Israel; (if they succeed) there will only be totalitarian regimes in the future. Two years from now, we will see more clearly that what we are experiencing now is a great fight against humanity and religion.

Today, many Israelis who saw the truth are expressing their anger on social media. They are posting that the vaccine passports pushed by the government are like the yellow six-pointed star badged by Jews, young and old, including babies in strollers, were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II. These badges were intended to humiliate Jews and marked them out for segregation and discrimination, and even make them more identifiable later in the Holocaust.

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