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On September 9th, Biden announced that, given the current rebound of the pandemic by the raging delta variant, all federal employees in the United States will be required to be vaccinated against Covid. Mass vaccinations have become the only means for the Biden administration to respond to the pandemic.

Whistleblowers have repeatedly emphasized that vaccines are not a solution to the CCP virus, and that vaccines will cause huge harm to the human body. Anti-compulsory vaccination protests are emerging all over the world. However, governments of many countries continue to promote vaccines. The disaster caused by the vaccine will bring irreparable losses to mankind. Presently, a variety of drugs have proven effective in the prevention and treatment of Covid, especially the prescription announced by Dr. Zelenko, which has successfully saved thousands of people. We once again call on everyone to understand the truth of vaccines and the irreversible harm to humans caused by vaccines and to use the safe and effective drugs like HCQ, IVM to fight against Covid.

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