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Miles Guo revealed that the “Black Swan Landing on the Central Axis event,” the “Yan’an Kiln Collapse event,” and the “Mao Zedong Memorial Hall supernatural event” have shaken the National Security Commission of the CCP and triggered many political incidents within the CCP on Gettr yesterday. In today’s live broadcast, Miles Guo told fellow brothers and sisters in detail about the three “visions”.

Miles Guo exposed that since September 3, a series of strange events have occurred in Beijing and Yan’an under the rule of the CCP. In the early morning of the 3rd, four crystal lamps suddenly fell to the ground without warning in the antechamber of the Mao Memorial Hall in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square where the crystal coffin of Mao Zedong was placed after the group of crystal lamps was maintained by cadres on a full-time basis. On the morning of the 4th, a group of kilns in Yan’an, Shaanxi Province suddenly collapsed without warning, on the 5th, a black swan suddenly fell near the central axis of Tiananmen Square and refused to leave for a long time. Miles Guo pointed out that these sudden signs made Xi Jinping, who believes in the science of geomancy fearful and ordered to suspend the implementation of the “Battle Plan 2 against Taiwan”. 

Since its establishment, the CCP has repeatedly brainwashed Chinese people to abandon their religious beliefs in favor of Marxism-Leninism and materialism. The core of the Chinese Communist Party and its family have almost all burned incense and worshiped Buddha, pretending to be gods and demons. From the Chinese Century Temple under Jiang Zemin to the “imperial tomb” Xi Jinping built for his father, from the taboo number 8 to changing the Chinese dragon’s head of the Pangu Grand View to a bird’s head. All of these ludicrous actions show the essence of the CCP leaders’ empty faith and materialistic desires.

Miles Guo also revealed that when he visited a Taiwanese dignitary, he saw an oil painting by the American Expressionist master Pollock in his home. To his surprise, he had seen the painting in the home of a CCP general as he was an art collector and remembered a colored dot in the lower left corner of the painting. Miles Guo knew that this man was a traitor to Taiwan and that the “Battle Plan 2 against Taiwan” of the Chinese Communist Party was a plan to take Taiwan with the traitor’s cooperation! Miles Guo warned the Taiwanese military and people to give up their illusions as the CCP definitely has plans 3, 4, and 5!  The 24th of this month is extremely critical for our compatriots in Taiwan, the war in the Taiwan Strait, almost inevitable!   


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