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In the September 8 broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo continued to expose the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) theft of people’s wealth through artwork. He also talked about the Illuminati and the CCP hunting map. Below are the highlights of the broadcast. 

“Bath in Wine” shows the beauty of the flat body of the Chinese.

Some of my Fellow Fighters said they had seen the painting “Bath in Wine”. The models for “Bath in Wine” and “Bath in Fire” are different. “Bath in Wine” embodies the flat body of the Chinese perfectly and fits the Asian artistic aesthetics.

The Himalaya Exchange is the oil field.

An American fellow fighters who invested in Coinbase wants to invest in the Himalaya Exchange. He asks me what makes the Himalaya Exchange worth $100 billion. I compare Coinbase to a gas station, an intermediary, while the Himalaya Exchange is the oil field that produces oil, or its own money, 20% of which is gold. I just made a deal with him. I also reached a deal with someone in the Japanese adult sex toy business.

Dong Wenbiao mortgaged a painting for 460 million yuan.

We want to expose the trickery and perversion of the old bastards. Dong Wenbiao mortgaged a handwritten work by the famous Northern Song calligrapher Huang Tingjian called “Dizhu Inscription” for 460 million yuan! All private banks rip off the real rich people and loot all the poor in the end. The books by Morris that I talked about yesterday basically sold out. 

The fake media slander Mr. Miles Guo.

A CNBC report today says Miles Guo’s talk about vaccines and treatment medicines is a conspiracy theory and a lie. The media in Singapore is also mocking our revelations. Many of our fellow fighters have received the medications we sent and all are recovering. We are going to break their lies with facts. None of our live broadcasts have to be scheduled in advance, and any fellow fighters can talk on air at any time. 

The first to slander me was the Associated Press. They had Chinese interview me and asked Americans to write the articles. These media include the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Mail, and the Los Angeles Daily News. A few CCP propagandists suddenly appeared to create rumors on social media, interviewing me first and then trashing me, saying that Guo Wengui was out of money, killed people and was about to be deported. In the end, their news sources were all from the CCP’s DWNews. Their disinformation routine has never changed. For anyone who does not have the ability to tell the difference, we do not care if they believe it or not. These media have lost their basic conscience as human beings. God must be punishing these garbage media people. They have nothing but jealousy or hate, while every message we send is saving lives and we ask for nothing in return. 

The One-stop Counterfeiting Service: Authentication, Appraisal, and Risk Control

The value of the artwork is determined by authenticators, appraisers, and in-house lawyers who evaluate risks. After the art has passed these checks, you can cheat whoever you want. When Li Keqiang showed me his collection, I told him it was all fake, and the final appraisal was indeed fake.

Hao Haidong says “It’s teamwork to fool the Chinese officials with artwork. The biggest victims are in Zhongnanhai and they are not willing to break the lie. A 9000 yuan painting can be auctioned for 9 million yuan, all fake.” What Hao Haidong just said is all personal experience. 

In the so-called Wu Guanzhong’s exhibition at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center nine years ago, a special viewing was arranged for us. At that time, Jia Qinglin was very influential, a seasoned player, and hooked up with them very deeply. They had a bunch of certificates in the trunk of their car. Authentication only required a signature on a certificate. At that time the armed police ID, military uniforms, calligraphy, and painting can be bought. China’s trust market is 20.6 trillion yuan, the actual 80 trillion yuan. 

Yan Bin set up China’s first art market. Most of his collections are Wu Guanzhong and Wu Changshuo’s work. They offered authentication and appraisal services at the same time. He was able to get a license because of Zeng Qinghuai. Dong Wenbiao’s Minsheng Bank started the private bank art mortgage business, exchanging a piece of fake paper for hundreds of millions of dollars of real money. Without the CCP’s lawlessness and falsehood, there would be no market for these people. Any art bought by Pan Shiyi’s SOHO is fake. He is playing the game of trading power.

Japan’s art is to buy the daddy of the culture. Japanese culture can be traced back to China, or the daddy. However, there is nothing fake in Japan, and on that point, Japan has surpassed China. Japan’s finance is too real and lost to the CCP and the US. We have to understand the falsehood of the CCP so that we can destroy it successfully.

Chinese women are amazing.

I’ve always said that Chinese women are amazing. I’ve had so much life experiences. I’ve traveled around globally and have a completely different idea of what women are. You can tell the future of a country or nation by how they treat their women. The Nobel laureate says, if you give her a house, she can give you a home; if you give her sperm, she can give you a child; if you give her a smile, she can bring you sunshine. So, women and men are not equal at all.

“Bath in Wine” was mortgaged for billions.

The painting “Bath in Wine” should be in Chen Yuan’s possession. Zhang Hongwei bought the painting at a high price in order to capture Chen. “ Bath in Wine” is a perfect combination of Chinese realism and conceptualism. I guess the real painting is in Zhang Hongwei’s hands and Chen Yuan’s is just a high-quality reproduction. The painting was painted on a special canvas, and with this painting they borrowed billions. Zhang Hongwei is so capable that he framed and imprisoned Ma Jian. I will make sure he and his family are punished and pay a price, as they were all involved. At that time, Ma Jian privately colluded with Zhang Hongwei, which was a betrayal to me. Ma Jian did not believe what I told him. 

Duan Weihong is out of jail and her ex-husband published a new book exposing the CCP’s corruption. The CCP only yields to the weak not to the strong. Without this book by her husband, Duan Weihong would not have been released from prison. 

Meng Jianzhu is friendly with Chen Yuan because their fathers were friends. Anyone who hooks up with Meng Jianzhu will die. He busted Wang Fang’s anus. He is a pervert. Yan Bin gave me a Van Gogh painting because I lent him 300 million yuan. Yan Bin got it all. His most visited places are Lihong Garden and Red Bull. I invested in these real estate projects. I also participated in the auction house’s first appraisal company. When I played in the real estate business, there was no Jack Ma or Peter Ma. 

Today the CCP commits art fraud and trust fraud. Art must be unique, and the key to trust is trust. Now art has become deception and trust has become a fraud. We want everyone to know the CCP’s falsehood, fake, deception, and theft. The Chinese art trade must exceed 2 trillion.

A painting mortgaged for 800 million yuan helped to build a real estate empire.

I had a long historical scroll in my collections, “Picture of Immortals” . Zhang Yimou and Chen Danqing were both presented when I displayed a few dozen meters of the scroll in my basement. Zhang Yimou was inspired by the unfolding of the scroll in my basement. He applied this idea in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Later a real estate developer took this painting and mortgaged it for eight hundred million yuan, which turned into a trillion dollars real estate empire. I will not disclose his name for now. 

The economic development of the CCP in these decades is a fraud. The three paintings with the names “Bath in Fire”, “Bath in Wine”, and “I Love” are authentic and contain the secret history of the most powerful woman. Behind the paintings are money, collusion, and political corruption, which is the cause of the downfall of many Zhongnanhai officials. 

I know more about Wang Jianlin than Wang Jianlin himself. When two men share the same woman, one knows half of the other man. When you and another businessman share the same lawyer and accountant, you know him more than he knows about himself. Wang Jianlin has 10 to 20 billion yuan in mortgaged paintings and calligraphy. The person who handled all his loans was Zhu Maoyuan. China’s Peking University is the scourge of the Chinese nation. Communists always and only tell part of lies.  They will never tell the whole lie. 

Xia Ping is the queen of Asian luxury goods, and the number two person is called Pan Disheng. You can’t find the Fellowship online, but JFK, Reagan, and Bush were all members of this secret society. I had the privilege of researching the Fellowship, also called the Illuminati. My Japanese benefactor brought me to know the Illuminati and I began to enter the realm of the swamp. The world knows so little about me. You don’t know the mystery of the world until you know the Fellowship. The most mysterious thing in Washington is the Fellowship, which has no organization or structure. They live together. Their scriptures are very thin, and the faith leads the world through the chosen people of God.

Do you know how many Illuminati members are there in China and what are they doing? The Illuminati worships Hitler, Mao, and Stalin. I went to Tanzania and Uganda, all Hilton hotels, and I learned that Africa is controlled by the Fellowship. I had a glimpse of heaven’s secret that China has Freemasons and the Illuminati. The Illuminati has been involved in politics for over a hundred years and determined many big events.

Our G-Series has taken a year to develop to where we are today. There is an international force behind our success. Get to know the Illuminati and then our G-Series, so you will know that all the media coverage of us is garbage. The Illuminati honors the fact that they don’t care what people say and they don’t want people to know about them. I was very young and very shocked at that time. If the CCP and those officials knew about that, they wouldn’t be so miserable today. No one in the music industry would think there is an international force behind it, not Xi and Zhongnanhai. 

The Chinese without a decent organization would be a disaster for sure, which cannot be fixed by a party. We have to have a group of people with completely different pursuits. When you don’t care about money, you are the owner of it; when you do care, you are its slave. The Illuminati is untraceable, while our G-series is transparent and traceable. It is a new future we are starting. You won’t have a profound sense without a certain amount of life experiences. We open people’s eyes, enlighten them, and empower them to discern and to harness wealth. Our Whistleblowers Movement is great because we don’t count on others, and we are formed naturally.

We, the Whistleblowers Movement, do not ask anyone for anything, and do not care how others think of us. Once, I banned Yan Bin at the dinner table, but he did not leave. Yan Bin’s success is to have a thick face skin and does not care about anything. Xiao Jianhua’s success is one word: fake. Their financial instruments didn’t require collateral. He got 80-billion-yuan financial notes, all made from fake documents with fake seals. Ye Jianming claimed to be the illegitimate son of Xi Jinping. China’s Wang Jianlin, Jack Ma, and Pony Ma, all got their money by forgery and speculation. In the West, you are finished with one forgery. So, we, the Whistleblowers Movement warriors, must stay true. You know too little about the CCP’s falsehood, deceptions, and theft. Study the Illuminati well and you will see how our G-series will develop and where it will go.

Internet Control and Countermeasures

In the next two or three months, all mobile phones and Internet will be strictly controlled in China, but they can’t be blocked due to technological advances, including Sky Wifi and the new iPhone. In Russia, Mongolia, and Nepal, many people are working on software to break the Great Firewall. We need to get our compatriots at home to read information from abroad. Especially when the truth of Covid and Covid vaccines are known by the Chinese, I believe many people will not get vaccinated. The Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China do not care how others think because we believe only the truth will prevail. We have been improving and progressing for every moment and every day for the past four years. No one else can do what we do. We don’t need anyone to endorse and evaluate us. We evaluate ourselves because what we say is true and verifiable.

There are mysterious forces beyond man.

Today is a historical moment and I believe there are mysterious forces beyond man. It would not have happened to me if I had not gone through the imprisonment, where dozens of people were shot. I met so many influential people before and after that, including Mr. He Linle, Ms. Xia Ping, and several large groups in Japan. This is my belief that there is an unknown power beyond man, and I have a reverence for each flower and grass.

Wang Qishan is the leader of Illuminati China.

Wang Qishan is the leader of Illuminati China. Wang Qishan converted Chen Feng and Wang Jian to members. The Illuminati preaches the tantric religion. There are many branches of the Illuminati that are embodied and interpreted differently in each country. Yao Yilin was the first generation of Illuminati China, and Wang Qishan is the second generation. Zhang Hongwei is one of the members of Illuminati China. Zhang Hongwei captured Chen Yuan. Don’t underestimate Zhang Hongwei, who is involved in the so-called Orient Energy, Orient Home, Minsheng, China Development Bank, and the cooperation with Pakistan and Southeast Asia. All the cults and evil forces are connected.  

As far as I know, the Ministry of State Security now has a task force specializing in cracking down on cults. Last May, they started to crack down on cults, dark, and evil forces. Last July, they arrested the deputy governor of the People’s Bank and the wife of the Living Buddha of Tibet. 

I am not a member of the Illuminati, but I have connections in many clubs that are in the sunshine. They are the most legitimate intelligence agencies in the world. The top three clubs in the world are on our side. The top ten can’t leave us.

Miles Guo’s Japanese Name

Reservation of a few carriages on a train in Japan and Switzerland is just a phone call away. My Japanese name is Ichi Morimoto Kiro . Japan is a very important place.

The CCP Hunting Map

There will be a big change in the political landscape. The destruction of the CCP will come from the southeast corner, the southwest corner, the Middle East, Europe, America, Canada, Eastern Europe, and a direct insertion from Russia. Then the CCP dies in a hiccup! This is not bragging. Remember what I said today.

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