Tomorrow, Miles and some fellow warriors from the Whistleblower Movement (WM) will be live on GTV tomorrow (September 10th) morning to talk about Taiwan, that black swan landed on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, and Evergrande Group.

Our GTV live broadcast stunned the world and the Communist Party of China (CCP).

Our live broadcast is a great practice to open the minds of all WM warriors. Instead of telling people the answer, why not inspire them to find the answer themselves?

The most terrible thing in the world is ignorance; the most expensive thing that needs to be cherished is courage. 

The dark forces have taken absolute control of everything in the CCP and Communist China. 

The world and the U.S. media are in the hands of no more than five major families. 

Miles suggests that WM warriors should stop mentioning the Illuminati in the future and just call it the dark force instead. People from the Illuminati are not all bad people; we have many friends from there. We are not against the Illuminati. 

Limeng Goblin Yan and Liar Lude will soon be punished by the law.