By Lucas 2021-09-08

According to Mr Wengui Guo’s live broadcast on September 7, Yonghong Duan, a Chinese female magnate who disappeared 4 years ago, was released two weeks ago from CCP’s jail. She was one of directors of Ping An Insurance Company before going to jail. She was white gloves representing the family interest of Wen Jiabao, the former premier of CCP. Desmond Shum, the ex-husband of Duan published on September 7 a book “Red Roulette” reflecting the fiercing fighting inside CCP. Who prosecuted Duan? It is Mingzhe Ma, the chairman of Ping An. Duan knew the top and the most secrets of Ping An and the reason why Duan was released recently as Ma is going to fall down, since the General secretary of CCP, Jinping Xi is going to take over Ping An.

Image source: internet

Ma is a larger and more important white glove for the CCP kleptocrats’ families including Jiabao Wen, Qishan Wang, Qinghong Zeng, Jinping Xi etc. He entangles with nearly all of them, represents those families’ interests and colludes on behalf of CCP with the dark forces from the western countries to enslave the Chinese people even the people across the world. When the economy expanded quickly, Ma was important for them to complete CCP’s dark mission, but now CCP’s economy nearly collapses so that CCP’s white gloves become useless for them. Moreover, Ma knew too much of the top dark secrets of the CCP dictators so that he needs to be disappeared. The CCP Chairman Xi wants Ping An to completely get rid of the impacts from the members of the former CCP chairman Zemin Jiang. Xi needs Duan’s help to take over Ping An Group since Duan knows well the most of Ma’s top secrets.

Before the book published on September 7, the author Dong Shen was called by Duan to threaten him not to publish the book, because the book uncovers the inside story of the CCP’s Red Powers that is astonishing and make it clearer that CCP under Xi’s ruling is the most dangerous power to the world. CCP has a tradition of showing that it is unite, peaceful and harmless to the world so it usually scares of being exposed its fighting inside.

In my opinion, Mr. Guo’s exposing the dark secrets of the Ping An is obviously promote the internal fighting between Xi and Jiang’s followers, meanwhile to expose the dark forces supporting and colluding with CCP. It works to wake up the public of the western countries, to weaken the CCP and its external support. This is a crucial step and a milestone of Mr Guo’s whistleblowers’ movement.

Proofread/Posted by: Neal