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China’s newly minted ambassador to the United States arrived only in July, but the honeymoon is already over. Qin Gang on Tuesday reinforced his reputation as a sharp-edged avatar of Chinese diplomacy with a speech that excoriated U.S. “wrong beliefs” and cautioned against violating Beijing’s “red line” of core interests in areas including the South China Sea, Taiwan and Xinjiang.

In his most substantive public statement yet, Qin pointed ominously to China’s nuclear weapons capability and warned of “disastrous consequences” if the U.S. seeks to suppress China using a “Cold War playbook.”

Speaking via video link to a select audience of China wonks and foreign policy heavyweights — including Henry Kissinger, former U.S. ambassador to Beijing Stapleton Roy and former assistant secretary of State for East Asian Affairs, Susan Thornton — China’s ambassador said those who argue his country would meet the same fate as the former Soviet Union show a “serious ignorance of history and China.”

Qin’s speech at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations underscores his history as an early pioneer of the aggressive “wolf warrior” style of diplomacy that is increasingly defining Beijing’s approach to the United States and the world.

The Chinese Communist Party’s war-wolf diplomacy has become notorious at home and abroad, and its arrogant diplomatic rhetoric and actions have not only caused China’s national image to fall rapidly around the world in recent years, but also made the outside world more and more suspicious of the ruling intelligence and ability of the Communist Party’s leaders.

However, the CCP’s decision on the positioning of its diplomatic relations with the international community, the kind of diplomatic posture it displays, and the kind of diplomatic rhetoric it issues is largely not defined by the objective international relations landscape, but by the internal factional fighting dynamics at the top of the CCP and the strength changing of internal factions.

International relations are just a card in the CCP’s internal factional fighting. The war wolf diplomacy has created a difficult situation for Xi Jinping, whether it is the senior deep state of the Jiang(former general secrtary of CCP) faction or the torch that continues to ignite the nationalist sentiment of the pinkies(people who badly love CCP), so he has to go all the way to the darkness.

At present, U.S.-China relations are in a state of barge fire, and war-wolf diplomacy is in full swing. In the Tianjin “Double Xie” talks, the United States extended the olive branch of great power diplomacy, but all the good intentions were taken as a mockery, and Wang Yi and Xie Feng’s bloody-mouthed war wolf face did not diminish at all, causing the world to be in an uproar. How can the diplomacy of a big country be so credulous, disregarding the focus of the world’s cameras and accusing the United States, the slogan “doing all the bad things but also want to take advantage of all” was even pasted on the forehead of the United States.

Originally, Qin Gang (Xi Jinping’s son-in-law, as rumored by the Internet) was on a mission, which is pretending to be a “sheep” to unite the United States, and even to unify the two parties in the United States,to ease Sino-American relation.

By  providing vaccines and even antidotes to COVID-19, what he is trying to do is that to help U.S. goverment , so CCP can make some political collusions with it. 

This would do no good for the people of China and U.S.  

To break this conspiracy, Mr. Guo Wengui on September 1, 2021 broadcasted that artemisinin is the antidote to COVID-19 virus, and informed the world that the Chinese Communist Party already had five new coronavirus antidotes synthesized with D-NAB and B-NAB5 interferon.

As a result, the “son-in-law” Qin Gang lost all his cards and showed his “wolf” nature again, once again with “threats” and “scoundrels”. The United States is once again being abused in a “threatening” and “scoundrel” posture.

In fact, Mr. Guo Wengui’s move also broke the idea of the U.S. politicians collusion, so it can be said to “kill two birds with one stone”.


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