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On September 1, Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) released the latest statistics on the COVID-19 outbreak. Among Singapore’s population, at least 83% of the total population received one dose of vaccination, and those who have completed two doses of vaccination already account for 80% of the total population. 

Even such a high vaccination rate cannot prevent an increasing number of cases. What is concerning is that over the past two weeks, a total of 1,398 people in Singapore have contracted COVID-19. Of these, 1,111 had received two doses of the vaccine, and 176 were unvaccinated. Based on the percentage of the population, the infection rate among those who received two doses is almost 35% higher than that of the unvaccinated. Clearly, the vaccine did not prevent the spread of the virus, and even worse, the vaccinated were more likely to be infected by the virus.

Once again, this data supports the view of Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement who has continued to expose and spread the truth about the vaccine. Cherish your life and stay away from the COVID-19 vaccines.

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