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1.The Highest Support Rate of 31% for Kono in the Survey of Prime Ministerial Candidates

Kyodo News reported on Sept 5th, after Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced Kyodo News conducted his intention to step down, A nationwide emergency telephone survey on Sep 4 and 5; when asked who would be the best choice for the next prime minister, Minister Taro Kono, who is in charge of administrative reform, came out on top with 31.9 percent. Former Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba followed him at 26.6 percent and former policy chief Fumio Kishida at 18.8 percent. When asked to name the top seven LDP lawmakers, in fourth place were Acting Secretary-General Soko Noda at 4.4%, former General Affairs Minister Sanae Toshi at 4.0%, Foreign Minister Toshiaki Honjue at 1.2%, and Policy Chief Hirobumi Shimomura at 0.6%. When asked what they would most like to see in the next prime minister, 36.3 percent said “the ability to explain things to the public,” and 28.4 percent said “leadership.”

2.Tokyo Paralympic Games Closed

NHK reported on Sep 5 that after a year of postponement due to the CCP virus pandemic, the Tokyo Paralympic Games held its closing ceremony. The Paralympic flag was handed over to the next host city, Paris, bringing the 13-day event to an end. Most venues at Tokyo Paralympic Games are without spectators, now that the full schedule has been completed. The Tokyo Paralympic Games, which opened on the 24th, are the first Paralympic Games in the world to be held in the same city since Tokyo in 1964. A total of 22 events were held, with 162 countries and regions participating and athletes from the refugee corps, for a total of 4,400 athletes.

3.Japan Faces Challenges of Verifying Huge Costs as the Tokyo Olympics End

Mainichi Shimbun reported on Sep 5,The Tokyo Paralympics held its closing ceremony at Tokyo National Stadium on the evening of September 5. Still, the epidemic was not contained, and, as the Tokyo Olympics, it was the first time in history that the games were held without spectators. Although Japan won 51 medals, the second-highest number ever, studying the increased cost of the Olympics, including the Paralympics, will be an issue for the future. In the 2013 “bid document,” the total cost of the Olympic and Paralympic Games was estimated at 734 billion yen. The organizing committee estimated the cost at 1.644 trillion yen, but it was noted that this figure could rise further. In addition, most of the originally projected 90 billion yen in ticket revenue will be lost due to lack of attendance.

4.G7, China and Russia to hold foreign ministers’ meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan

According to Kyodo News, on September 5, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshichika Mogi revealed that the Group of Seven (G7) and China, Russia, and other foreign ministers would hold a meeting as early as the 8th. Shigeki also said he plans to send government representatives to Doha, Qatar, this week to intervene with the Islamist group Taliban. Shigeki also said that the G7 agreed on asking the Taliban to ensure the safe withdrawal of those who wish to leave the country, break ties with terrorist organizations and respect women’s rights. Furthermore, he stressed that “it is important to work to (Afghanistan), including China and Russia, which have some influence (on Afghanistan).”

5.The Actual Employment Rate of People with Disabilities in Japan Is Less than 50 Percent

Sankei Shimbun reported on Sep 5, Although the number of companies employing people with disabilities is increasing, only 48.6 percent of companies are meeting the employment rate set by the Japanese government (according to a survey conducted last June). The CCP virus infection has led to a reduction in work opportunities for people with disabilities. The employment rate of persons with disabilities is the percentage of the total workforce defined in the Act on the Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities, which requires the state, local governments, and private companies to employ at least a certain percentage of persons with disabilities. Those who do not comply are required to pay a fine and publish the name of the company. In March of this year, the rate of private companies increased by 0.1 percentage points to 2.3%, and the size of companies subject to the law increased to 43.5 employees or more (short-term jobs count as 0.5 employees).

6.In Japan 30 New Deaths and 12,908 Infections in a Single Day

NHK reported on Sep 5, 12908 infections have been declared nationwide so far. In addition, a total of 30 people were declared dead: 10 in Tokyo, 4 in Chiba, 3 in Osaka, 2 in Saitama, 2 in Toyama, 2 in Okayama, 2 in Kanagawa, 1 in Nara, 1 in Yamagata, 1 in Iwate, 1 in Shizuoka and 1 in Kagoshima. Thus, 1,574,507 people have been confirmed infected in Japan, including 712 people quarantined at airports and passengers and crew on cruise ships, for a total of 1,575,219 people. The total number of deaths was 16,372, including 16,359 confirmed infections in Japan and 13 cruise ship passengers.

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