Translated by: MOS Art Team-Redd

According to a September 2 article, former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon warns that the COVID vaccines are wartime weapons that were deployed for complete dominion over humans and that vaccinations and booster shots are being used for mass murders in order to reduce the population.

Dr. Yeadon said that traditional medicines have proven effective for COVID treatment, but these treatments are being viciously attacked, censored, and suppressed across the medical landscape. The public health gatekeepers restrain doctors and nurses from using those medicines and saving lives. Governments implement and even mandates vaccination without first putting the vaccines through the traditional approval process. Only 5 months after vaccination with the promise of group freedom, fully vaccinated people are told that they need another “booster shot,” but the so-called “booster shot” has become an absolute killer to stimulate super-virus emergence and to destroy people’s natural immune systems. According to clinical experiments, after taking the second shot, adverse reactions occur 10 times more often than after the first shot.

Vaccine manufacturers have extorted billions of dollars from taxpayers. However, the vaccine economy continues to be fueled by propaganda and fraud. COVID vaccines neither protect people nor avoid variants, and have even caused a more serious pandemic situation. Vaccines are not only playing an important role in dominating people’s lives but also becoming a killer across the globe.

In addition, Dr. McCullough, a board-certified doctor of internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology, said, “there is no doubt that this vaccine program is designed for pharmaceutical dependence and depopulation.”

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