Author : Jin Wang Editor : Isabella

Once Loved
She breathed as One
With God and Man, and Nature
Basking in the warm golden rays of Sun
Beneath the touch and beauty of Life
Kissed by the
Grace of Light    
Of a thousand stars

She no longer follows the road through morning mists
Noon brilliance or the magic of dusk
All have become dim and sorrowful

The body that once blushed with joy
Is nothing now but a mere illusion drawn into
Darkness and gloom
She anchors her heart
As she faces solemn resolution
Alone in her room
Staring into space
With a wearisome face

Riches transparent as glass
Crack painfully
No longer allowing whispered entreaties
Or wistful wishes for luxury and ease

Now there is merely duty and decision
And a small crown
Upon her head
Pronouncing her queen
In a forsaken land
Of empty men
With no dignity nor substance

Yet neither power nor sainthood
Can silence dreams of aching desire
Or the yearning for freedom and peace
Until the dreams drown
Along with desire and laughter
In the brine of futile tears

Hard distortion
Need worn
While shredding self
To bare ones’ soul
Awakened to the
Light of Truth

So easily we lose the richness of self-worth and Love
Blinded from reality, meaning and purpose
When lavished with wealth and power
In the absence of
Integrity, Virtue and Faith 🙏🏻