Written by: 西枫westca

Proofread by: Ermat

Image Source:CCTV

According to China News on September 2, Xi Jinping revealed at the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair Global Summit that the Beijing Stock Exchange will be established to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and their capital markets.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission stated in an answer to reporters that deepening the reform of the New Third Board and establishing the Beijing Stock Exchange is a measure to implement the national innovative development strategy and continue to cultivate new drivers of development. The Beijing Stock Exchange will become the main platform serving innovative SMEs. It will also pilot the registration system for securities issuance at the same time.

Currently, there are two major stock exchanges in Communist China, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Many stocks on these two exchanges have higher share prices than those on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The economy in the Communist China is shrinking, the Chinese stocks  in US nearly falling across the board and facing delisting due to the increasingly strict regulatory review of listed companies in the US., The financial system is facing a collapse with a series of recent takedowns in the financial, technology, education, cultural and entertainment, and gaming industries. The CCP is launching this new platform at this time with the purpose of using it to start a wave of large-scale leek cutting.

Source: 习近平在2021年中国国际服务贸易交易会全球服务贸易峰会上发表视频致辞-中新网