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Since August, Xi Jinping’s administration has suddenly launched a series of “cultural” and “financial” movements against the cultural and financial sectors. Many intellectuals, entertainment stars, entrepreneurs, and “white gloved” of the capital have fallen. In a live broadcast on GTV on September 1st, Mr. Guo Wengui and his fellow fighters conducted an in-depth analysis to expose the nature of these crazy movements by the CCP.

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Mr. Guo pointed out that the cultural industry is a huge profitable industry with very low costs. China’s cultural industry accounts for 5% of the country’s GDP, which is about 800 billion RMB. There are only a few million “cultural people” who are less than one thousandth of the total population in China. This group of people represents the lifestyle and standard of living to Chinese people. Under the totalitarian politics of the CCP, how can these cultural people, who hold 5% of the GDP, not be controlled by it? Under the guise of “commonwealth”, the Xi administration has successfully incited the Chinese people to “hate the rich.” In a grand manner, it has re-monopolized the cultural industry, and the interests of the cultural sector have been redistributed by a few CCP kleptocracy families. However, the Xi administration’s “cultural movement” is clearly not as “loud” as the “Three Anti’s and Five Anti’s” and the “Cultural Revolution” under Mao Zedong. The fundamental reason for this is that Xi does not have 100% control over the military.

In addition, Mr. Guo revealed that the CCP’s “initial explosive” of Evergrande, Ping An, Minsheng, and Everbright Group was a reluctant move. Xi Jinping knows very well that if he blows up these companies, the financial system of the CCP will collapse instantly. If he preserves them, these financial oligarchs will steal all the foreign exchange reserves from the CCP. After a period of war-wolf diplomacy and populist brainwashing, the Chinese underclass is generally immersed in the euphoria of “reunifying China.”The call for the “recovery of Taiwan” has been soaring and this has made it difficult for the Xi administration to ride out the storm. Xi Jinping is planning to use the “opportunity in crisis” strategy to attack Taiwan, covering up all the financial woes and people’s livelihoods, to divert the intensifying conflicts at home and to complete his shuffling and overall control of China’s financial sector. This is the root cause of the current series of crazy movements by the CCP.

The Xi administration has made a series of preparations for his re-election at the 20th Communist Party Congress. Mr. Guo revealed the news that Xi will launch his successor after his successful re-election at the 20th Congress. The Whistleblower Movement even has exact information on who the specific successor will be. The destruction of the CCP by the CCP will reach a new climax after the 20th Congress.

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