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How many times have we had the “Conspiracy Theory” smear thrown in our faces by politicians and their bribed media?

1.0 – Perhaps the first recent large-scale Conspiracy Theory was the Anthropogenic Climate Change theory. In 1988 the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) was created at the UN. Its objective was to understand the effect humans have on climate change. See the conflict? Human influence. The funding, reason for being, and continuity of the IPCC is based on proving and bolstering the idea that humans are responsible for supposed climate warming (later conveniently renamed climate change because the warming is not really there). No other effects were properly considered. Most importantly, the effect of the Sun was willfully ignored. Those who opposed this idea, and who suggested the real purpose behind the push for man-made climate change was centralization of power and attracting tax revenue, have been sidelined as Conspiracy Theorists for decades (Al Gore did not make $350B by being concerned about the planet’s and your health). Subsequently, a brilliant report has been published effectively showing how any changes in temperature can be fully explained by the Sun[1]  

2.0 – In June 2020 the World Economic Forum (WEC) headed by Klaus Schwab announced that the World needed to undergo a “Great Reset” characterized by green growth, smarter growth, and fairer growth. Subsequently, through material on the WEC website and Schwab’s book “Covid-19: The Great Reset” many commentators suggested that the envisioned Reset was simply a cloaked way of achieving a Marxist world where elites were in charge and ordinary people would own nothing and would be at the mercy of the elites for their very existence. These people were vilified. Now this “Conspiracy” is clearly articulated in the WEC’s own material: “you will own nothing, and you will be happy”. That is classic Marxist “double-speak”, or to use the more modern term – “gas-lighting”. Everything taking place in America now is confirmation that the radical left wants a Marxist Utopia.

3.0 – In early 2020 it was the Laboratory Leak Theory related to the CCP-virus that infuriated the Marxist left. Scientific articles were written proclaiming that Lab leak was impossible. Media was clamoring about the impossibility of the claim. Politicians were telling us the mere suggestion was Xenophobic and racist. Now, all evidence it pointing in the direction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the point of release of the PLA engineered virus. The only thing standing in the way of proving it conclusively is the CCP, or perhaps a whistleblower…

4.0 – Next, in late 2020 the Hunter Biden laptop was revealed. Instantly the New York Post, G-News, and other outlets was censored by Twitter – at least until the end of the Presidential election. Media would not even cover the explosive story. Now, nobody disputes the reality of the laptop, that it belonged to Hunter, or the incriminating evidence it contained. However, no investigation has been forthcoming, even though the FBI has been in possession of the laptop for roughly a year.

5.0 – We were told the mRNA technology in the CCP-virus vaccines was safe. Anybody who suggested that the huge volume of spike proteins created in the body by these vaccines was a danger was viciously censored and labelled. Now we know from sources more credible than the Pharmaceutical companies who are profiting from the vaccines, or from the Public Health “experts” who have severe conflicts-of-interest, or from many medical establishment members who are being threatened by the medical associations and public health agencies to stay silent, that not only are the vaccines the real danger to health, but that the adverse effects are being seriously under-reported. These reliable sources are Dr. Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner), Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Nobel Prize nominee), Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA technology inventor), Dr. Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer executive), Dr. Peter McCullough (Cardiologist), among others. Moreover, the adverse effects reporting system (VAERS in the US, and EudraVigilance) numbers are skyrocketing, and even these numbers are severely under-reported.

6.0 – We were castigated for suggesting that Vaccine Passports would be the next step in the medical dictatorship evolving around the CCP-virus “opportunity”. Dr. Naomi Wolf warned us early about this possibility. People like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Canadians in January 2021 that he was not considering Vaccine Passports in Canada. “There are a broad range of reasons why someone might not get vaccinated and I’m worried about creating knock-on, undesirable effects in our community”, he said[2]. Ontario Premier Doug Ford equally stated that he would not be introducing Vaccine Passports in Ontario because they would lead to a “split society” [3] – and that was only one month ago! Anybody who suggested that Vaccine Passports would be the next step in the Pandemic Apartheid were labeled as dangerous Conspiracy Terrorists. Dr. Naomi Wolf was banned from various Social Media platforms [4]. Six months later Justin Trudeau has created a $1B fund to assist Provinces in rolling out Vaccine Passports. British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario have already implemented them.

7.0 – Our political, media and medical “betters” told us that stories of Internment Camps being built to house CCP-infected people, and possibly unvaccinated people, were an insane conspiracy. Strange pictures and short videos began appearing on Social Media of newly-built facilities in rural areas. Anybody who pointed out that these might be the internment camps that our politicians and media were denying existed, were predictably dismissed. The Canadian Prime Minister and Health officials dismissed this as “misinformation” [5]. Now, we have confirmation from the Public Health Agency of Canada (see below) of the fact that the Government is funding isolation sites in Canada [6].

What is the next Conspiracy Theory which will turn out to be the truth? Well, the announcement of the isolation sites states that it is meant for “voluntary” isolation for those who cannot “effectively” isolate at home. Some might think that this is another convenient lie. After all, the “Covid-Hotels” where travelers are forced to quarantine are mandatory.

Anybody who cannot see the pattern in the “Conspiracy Theories” outlined above, is beyond redemption. The common denominator is lying tyrants in Government. We need to face the fact that there are certain elements in this world that can hardly ever be trusted to tell the truth – the CCP, the Taliban, the Government. Distrust authority or suffer the consequences! Constitutions are, after all, written to protect us against Governments. There is a reason for that. The founders of free nations understood history.


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