Written by: Ermat

Mr. Guo said in a live broadcast on September 1 that 80% of David’s lungs had been infected with the CCP virus and that David’s life was saved by taking Dexamethasone.

David tested the CCP virus with his own life. He stayed on the air until he was admitted to the hospital and didn’t tell me he was infected. Then he couldn’t resist anymore and was admitted to the hospital urgently. I rushed to notify someone to bring him medicine. Our fellow fighters gave the new medicine to David immediately. Zhuo Ma and her family risked their lives to go to the hospital to give David medicine and food. 80% of David’s lungs were already infected with the CCP virus, and David was saved after taking Dexamethasone.

David said that what Mr. Guo said was true. It’s a miracle that I survived the infection. I was also prepared for the worst.  There is no treatment except to put you on oxygen in hospitals in the UK.