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Stenographer: 南方以南

Translation: Rosa

Sensen, Himalaya Australia

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Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV live stream on August 30 is destined to change the course of human history, as it showed us the path to end the coronavirus pandemic – the antidote for the CCP virus.

Below are excerpts about the antidote from yesterday’s live stream

Neutralizing Antibody

Mr. Miles Guo revealed the D-NAB Neutralizing Antibody to the world yesterday. 

Binding antibody and neutralizing antibody make up the majority of the existing antibodies on the market, the biochemical differences of the two can be explained via the interferon beta. According to Prof. Mark Freeman’s research, after combining interferon beta or glatiramer acetate with the antibody,  the binding antidote, whose efficacy remains unaffected, can block or neutralize biochemical properties of infected cells. So at this stage, we have a neutralizing antibody.

NAB [Neutralizing Antibody] is the prerequisite for biochemical research, biochemical weapons, and is the fundamental element for coronavirus and vaccine development.

Now the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] has the D-NAB antidote, which can quickly destroy the coronavirus in our body, on our skins, or surfaces of other materials. All CCP athletes that attended the Tokyo Olympic athletes were secretively covered by these D-NAB nano-atoms, and hence no one caught the CCP virus. The CCP absolutely has this antidote in the form of spray, tablets, and solvents.

Tu Youyou’s Artemisinin

Mr. Miles Guo affirmed that Artemisinin, discovered and extracted by Nobel laureate Tu Youyou, is more than 99% effective in curing the CCP virus. He also reiterated again that all chaptors must stock up on the Ivermectin, Azithromycin, and Oxytetracycline.

Tu Youyou’s Artemisinin is recommended when you are in the most critical conditions of the CCP virus.

Ironically, Mr. Miles Guo also said that, soon enough, Bill Gates will definitely stand up against vaccinations that were developed and advocated by himself.

Later, Mr. Miles Guo expressed that our battle against vaccinations will certainly end within two months, and we should expect more exciting news as we step into September. We are making history.

An important reminder

Neutralizing antibody is the fundamental basis of the antidote, and the CCP definitely has more than five antidotes for all existing and upcoming viruses.

Medication advice (not medically prescribed)

Artemisinin, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, and Oxytetracycline are recommended if you have caught the CCP virus, but you should only stick to one drug only and never mix them.

Artemisinin and Ivermectin are recommended if you have been vaccinated.

Oxytetracycline can help improve blood oxygen.

One must first understand the effects of the medicines before taking them.