Everyone listened to the live broadcasting of Miles Guo today wanted to give him a hug when he told the world the antidote.

Miles has been talking about vaccine for a week together with whistle blower movement fighters on GTV. He has talked about:

1. Vaccines are the biggest conspiracy in human history

– Vaccines do not prevent the epidemic, but aggravate the spread and mutation of the CCP virus.

– With one jab shot, 40 trillion spike protein enters the capillaries of the body, which caused the overload for the heart, causing various infarctions and cancers.

 – Those who are vaccinated have a high chance of blindness, loss of voice, loss of desire and lust, and loss of reproductive capacity.

– It affects the nervous system and causes depression, but no one is responsible for the consequences of the mandatory vaccine.

– This is an excellent weapon of the evil force to “purify the race”. By the end of this year, a large number of death may occur due to the vaccination.

2. The main component of the vaccine is graphene, which is 200 times that of steel in strength. They are flexible, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity and used for DNA detection and biosensor.

– All vaccines contain graphene.

– CCP is the real black hand behind all the manufactures of vaccines.

3. Politics of vaccines and politics after vaccines catastrophe

– Most of the people who promoted the vaccine are neither victims or been deceived because the CCP (Chinese communist party) is the evil hand behind together with Russia, and the force of the Swamp .

4. the world Military after the vaccine catastrophe

- The CCP sent vaccines to the militaries of more than 20 countries in order to weaken the opponent’s military power, control the opponent’s market, gain voting rights in the United Nations, with the goal to dominate the world.

-There will be a large number of deaths among soldiers from all over the world, which will make all countries clearly aware of the evil intentions of the CCP. It is by then that the vaccine will be stopped.

 it will greatly prompt the world to held the CCP accountable and for the antidote.

5. Religion and culture after the vaccine catastrophe

Here is the antidote for vaccine and virus Miles Guo told the world: D-NAB – D-Neutralizing AntiBody And Artemisinin, the invention of Chinese Nobel Laureate, Ms. Tu youyou

It has been proven efficient to prevent of the CCP virus in the Olympic game Japan. None of the Chinese athletes or member of delegation got infection because they had all given these antidote – D-Neutralizing AntiBody and each of them got Artemisinin spray.

This is the historical day. With this information of the antidote, we will see more and more people protesting around the world, we will force the government to abandon the vaccine mandate, we will start to enter a new era without the CCP.

link of Miles Guo live broadcasting August 30: gtv.org