Written by: Potato

Proofread by: April on Earth

Image Source: NY Times

According to a report from Net Ease on August 29, 2021,  the entertainment industry in Communist China is too chaotic now, and such a crackdown is not only targeting the entertainment industry but also including literature, acting, films, and television sectors.

The Central Internet Information Office issued a notice to strengthen the governance of the entertainment industry, meanwhile, the State Taxation Administration has issued fines for tax evasion by artists, and this remedial action has affected many stars.

This action affected many stars, the article says Zheng Shuang has been issued with USD 46.1 million fine due to tax evasion, meanwhile, Vicki Zhao Wei and Gao Xiaosong were also “canceled” and their work all banned.

The report says it’s a political revolution and what the CCP government is doing is not “killing the rich to help the poor”, but needs to address the growing income gap between the rich and the poor.

However, as Miles Guo explained during the broadcast today, such “revolution” is not a campaign from the government at all. It is just because of the personal hatred of those impacted “stars” in the past and now it is the time for the dictator to take revenge in Communist China.