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Lithuania, a small EU country, will set up a representative office in Taiwan despite pressure from the Chinese CommunistParty.    This move made it the pioneer of the international anti-communist, and induced suppression by the Chinese Communist Party   which completely disregard diplomatic etiquette.

On 27 August, leaders of Congresses and Parliaments Foreign Affairs Committees including 13 countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Parliament, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, and Germany issued a joint statement strongly condemn the rogue rhetoric of the Chinese Communist Party and calling on the world to support Lithuania. As Lithuania’s foreign minister, Lance Burgess, mentioned that it is a “test for the West” on whether support Lithuania.  It tested the willingness and capability of European and American democracies to fight dictatorships since World War II. The joint statement of the 13 parliaments demonstrated that anti-communist is the desire of people around the world; and it will arouse more countries to come forward to say “NO” to the CCP, upon the issues including the truth of the new Covid virus, persecution of human rights in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Tibet, and the attempts to take over Taiwan.

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