Translated by Michael

According to a report from Voice of America on August 26, the CCP proposed at the Central Finance and Economic Committee meeting on August 17 that the CCP should “promote common prosperity within high-quality developments.” The meeting also proposed implementing measures such as the three-time distribution model of national income to ensure the goal of common prosperity is reached.

The policy to promote“common prosperity” has recently created a social shock in China.  From the policy of encouraging a small group of individuals to get rich first to “common prosperity”, Han Wenxiu, CCP’s deputy director of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics, hurried to clarify that “common prosperity” does not mean “Sacrificing the Rich to help the poor”. Han Wenxiu said at the press conference that the regulatory authorities of the Communist Party of China aimed to regulated internet companies’ irregularities and illegal behaviors and have absolutely no intention to target private companies or foreign companies.

In response to concerns that the third distribution will be enforced through “moral coercion”, Han Wenxiu state that the third distribution is on a voluntary basis.  Han Wenxiu promised that some people will be allowed to get rich first then promote common prosperity, and not to “Sacrifice the Rich and help the poor.”

The CCP’s domestic and foreign affairs are now distressed, and it has become unsustainable to “cut leeks” from the low and middle class. Hence, CCP then launched a new policy of “robbing the rich to help the Party” as a succession in plundering the people’s wealth.

Proof-read: Paratrooper