Miles Guo gave us another shocking information in today’s live broadcasting, here are the main points:

The CCP had the virus spread in the world by people, At the beginning of January 2020 when CCP blocked the internal travel of people from Wuhan while allowed 5 million of them for international flights. If not reach the target, then the people from CCP embassies around the world were the sources, they only need to walk around the concerned  targeted places, the CCP would have the infection rate rising like skyscraper.

The two countries with the largest reserves of graphene in the world are China and Brazil, which is controlled by Vanguard Group and Blackstone, and they are also behind the world vaccine production no matter what brands they are. CCP’s ex General secretary Jiang zeming and present vice General secretary Wang qishan are the real bosses behind.

80% of 10 main raw materials of vaccine manufacturing are controlled by such power behind. They produce virus, manufacture vaccines and control the world drugs. What can we expect?

But never take these prevention every day, or these prevention could be as lethal as virus. Take them 9 days, then repeat after one month.

Vaccinated people are the most dangerous source of infection, especially by touching. Vaccinated people have become the most dangerous source for the people around them.

As per the information Miles obtained from survey of GWP ( The gross world product is the combined gross national product of all the countries in the world equals the total global GDP), the figure of GWP 2020  is negative growth. What does it mean?

With these problems, people lost confident of the world economy, and it is the confidence of people that lead the world economy roller coaster collapse. The GDP of CCP is 15 trillion, once CCP’s economy crushed, the 86 trillion GWP will suffer the domino effect and the world real estate sector will be hit fatally.

In conclusion: Virus is the bioweapon of the CCP and the vaccine is its spread carrier. None of the vaccines have been proved by any scientific research.

The future is the war between vaccinated and unvaccinated. It is the war between the righteousness and the evil. GTV, Gnews and Gettr will bring the world with truth of the virus and vaccine. It’s like the Noah Ark to sail us to the future mankind after eliminate the evil power together with their evil vaccine scheme. 

Link of Miles Guo broadcasting August 24: