Theme: Vaccines are harmful, the situation in Taiwan

1. Focus issue: vaccine

The content is so much that it takes more than a dozen live broadcasts to finish the presentation.

2. Vaccines are related to everyone’s life and death choices

The Chinese Communist Party virus vaccine involves human life and death in the future, life and death decisions that are closely related to everyone. The vaccine does not solve the virus, but controls the survival of mankind. It is not a simple fight or not. Any content that talks about vaccines in the live broadcast will receive all kinds of threats, intimidation, and inducements, coming from all walks of life and channels.

3. Not being vaccinated has become a vulnerable group

The government has deceived, imposed restrictions, and imposed restrictions. Individuals have to face the choice of receiving vaccines because of safety, travel, and social interaction. People who do not receive vaccines have become vulnerable groups. Facing great social pressure, economic pressure, mental pressure, and environmental pressure.

4. Source and brand of vaccine

There are nine varieties of CCP virus vaccines in the world, three in the United States (Pfizer, Modena, Johnson & Johnson), three in the Chinese Communist Party (Sinopharm, Kexing, Kangsino), two in Russia (satellite, EPI), and one in the United Kingdom ( Oxford-AstraZeneca). Except for the two vaccines in Russia that are controlled by the Russian government (the original Communist Party variant system), all the other seven vaccines have the capital of the Wall Street Pioneer Group, the Blackstone Fund, and the Chinese Communist Party Bandit Group.

5. The virus vaccine does not work and has serious unknown side effects

Vaccine procurement contracts or agreements have exemption clauses, such as “The buyer acknowledges that the efficacy and long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown, and the vaccine may have currently unknown adverse effects.” “The buyer exempts the responsible party from all litigation, claims, demands, losses, Damages, settlements, costs, accountability, etc. may be required”. In fact, up to now, various cases of death and disability caused by vaccines have occurred frequently, which have limited effects on the coronavirus and cannot resist the spread of Delta virus. Countries still rely on distributing money, gifts, lucky draws, and even forcing people to vaccinate.

6. Inertial thinking and misbelief in vaccines

(1) The usually trusted government deceives, threatens, and coerces (the government endorses with the highest authority), the traditional vaccine habitual thinking, and false trust in vaccines.

(2) The decision-making power on the legality of vaccines lies with the medical authority. The world’s medical authorities all come from major pharmaceutical companies and medical management departments. Exclusive professionals have the nature of absolute information monopoly (stupidity, disasters always result from monopolistic behavior), and the interests of large pharmaceutical companies exceed the fate of mankind.

(3) Social media and mainstream media platforms can reverse black and white. Technocratic czarism, coupled with the manipulation of the media, left the government with no choice.

7. The evil community of interests manipulates human wealth and the media

Pfizer and the Bill Gates Foundation, CCP Sinopharm Group, BGI, and other social media giants control almost 80% of mankind’s wealth and media, which is equivalent to the combination of Devil and Bodhisattva, Buddha, and little ghosts. There will be no more opportunities for mankind, and mankind is currently facing such a situation.

8. The government played a role in helping the abuser

(1) The general government uses the vote of the majority to trick the people into vaccinating, and Israel will be the worst.

(2) The American people cannot hear the real voice, and most of the media are controlled and banned. Coupled with the government’s coercion and inducement, misbelief and misbehavior.

(3) The CCP’s dictatorship demonizes the region, compulsory strikes, coerced strikes, deceives strikes, and threatens strikes.

9. Reasons for the current status of vaccines

(1) Monopolistic professional oligarchs dominate every country and government, especially democracies headed by the United States;

(2) Fauci’s threat of harm is seriously underestimated;

(3) Europe followed the United States, causing 2.8 billion people in the Western world to enter disaster;

(4) The Chinese Communist Party controls 1.4 billion people on the mainland, about 1.4 billion people in the Middle East Muslim region, and about 2.8 billion people in total are in the same disaster.

(5) The total population of the above two areas exceeds 5.6 billion, which already accounts for three-quarters of the world’s population.

(6) Almost 100% of the world’s medicine is controlled by the left, including the media.

The people have no choice but to choose the lesser of the two evils. They have to choose to vaccinate, and the right to survival of mankind has been greatly destroyed and destroyed. Behind every vaccine is the shadow of CCP. The US leftists have been collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party since the WTO in 2001.

10. Taking down the social media of the United States is equivalent to taking down the United States

In 2017, Washington has been completely infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party. Taking down the social media of the United States is equivalent to taking down the United States. In the 2020 U.S. election, the experience of former President Trump is a living portrayal.

11. Who is the real power that affects the world?

Not a CCP, nor a swamp boss. This time, humanity will pay the most heavy price. There is definitely a conspiracy to shock your jaw, and it has nothing to do with religion. But it is related to CCP, but CCP is only the executor and ultimately the victim. The answers found on Google are all wrong.

12. Mr. Miles Guo has been warning the world

In December 2019, we began to talk about viruses, and then vaccines, multiple viruses, human-to-human transmission, uncontrollable, re-poisoning, full promotion of vaccines, vaccine disasters, vaccine economy, and so on. Both are the first to lead the New Federal State of China to reveal to the world.

(1) Viruses are not mainstream, and vaccines are the main battlefield;

(2) In June 2019, it was revealed that the coronavirus is a biological and chemical weapon of the Chinese Communist Party;

(3) In December 2019, the Chinese Communist Party prepared a variety of ultra-restricted warfare weapons to deal with the world, and a plan to eliminate whiteness;

(4) CCP’s 13579 Evil Unrestricted Warfare Plan;

(5) The aftermath of vaccines and vaccine disasters are the main topics;

(6) Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc works (information comes from the Chinese Communist Party virus general, responsible for mass production of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin reserves, there are three other effective strategic drugs, which cannot be announced anonymously);

13. Vaccine Wars

It’s not about the question of whether or not to get the vaccine.

(1) Injecting a virus vaccine can control 80-90% of the world’s human life style, economic mode, and the time between human life and death.

(2) Successfully divert the world’s focus on Afghanistan, Taiwan, and the killings;

(3) Cover up a series of geopolitical actions of Russia in Eastern Europe;

(4) The great transfer of wealth and virtual currency will happen at the same time;

(5) Vaccine deaths are not only for people with disabilities or illnesses, but also for all disadvantaged races, those with genetic defects, and those with physical illnesses.

(6) The biggest beneficiaries are not the United States, the Chinese Communist Party, Taiwan, and Spain;

(7) The biggest beneficiaries are Russia, Germany, Britain, France and Canada;

(8) There is no necessary connection, but absolute interest, and tacitly;

14. Conclusions come from experience and judgment

The correct judgment and the correct choice are not made by fooling around, nor are they coming from talent, but are determined by experience and experience. It’s a rare and strange experience. It’s impossible to get such an answer. It’s not an illusion or a wild guess. Viruses and vaccines make the world realize what evil is.

15. Human beings are stupid enough to pay the bill

After a long period of comprehensive brainwashing of culture, media, education, and religion, human beings and material civilization are completely out of proportion to the inevitable cognition and judgment standards that the earth is facing a population explosion, and huge contradictions have appeared. Because of the greatest curse, it’s time for humans to pay the bill. Religion solves the life and death problems of humans in the past and promises various futures. Religions and beliefs have lost their direction in the face of the great development of material civilization. The absolute control of sex, drugs, spiritual drugs, and the media has made mankind enter the real magic way, and mankind is most vulnerable to fear. More than 70% of people fear death, do not want to die, and have a fluke mentality. There is no faith, ignorance, fluke, no religion, plus greed, cowardice, stupidity, selfishness, too many people, this is the ending. It is not how evil the leftists are, but that so many weaknesses of human nature have been intensively used to achieve their goals.

16. Mankind has forgotten the existence of evil for too long in peace

Facing the greatest challenge of human civilization, CCP makes full use of evil results and unknowingly becomes a tool used by others. Not all people who vaccinate are civilians. Officials are even more afraid of death. They are the result of being brainwashed by the media. Judgment based on the good point of view has lost the awareness of maliciousness, creating a disaster that mankind will inevitably face.

17. The vaccine is definitely the biggest bullet to wipe out the Chinese Communist Party

(1) To destroy the Chinese Communist Party, the New Federal State of China is the biggest driving force, firmly believe in themselves and not be intimidated;

(2) Justice comes from the power of justice, saving mankind and saving the world;

(3) Righteousness eliminates the virus vaccine and the Chinese Communist Party, as well as eliminating the darkest forces in the world. The greatest opportunity God has given us.

(4) The vaccine will definitely stop, and it will not take too long;

(5) Time has the final say on the results of the vaccine, and no one can change it;

(6) Vaccines are in the media, and they die in the media;

(7) Those who do not get the vaccine will win in the end, and they are not obliged to persuade others not to get the vaccine and make their own choice;

(8) Hospitals, crematoriums, and cemeteries will be insufficient at the end of the year;

18. A great purification in human history

Virus accountability, vaccine accountability. The CCP of the strategy makers and the community of interests will be eliminated, and humanity will experience a great purification, a great purification of the ignorant. A major adjustment was made to the social direction of social media, capitalism, and communism. After a great purification of spirit, religion, belief, genes, and evil, what is left in the end is the most beautiful. Before the beautiful era, there will be corpses everywhere. The result of each person is the test and result of his own stupidity, cowardice and ignorance. Darkness belongs to darkness, light belongs to light. The black and white world of mankind is rebalanced after losing its balance.

19. It is impossible to go back to the past

(1) All houses and stocks are sold short and replaced with the most stable assets;

(2) Humans will have a large number of normal and abnormal deaths, and their own family members will die as well;

(3) There are people with viruses and bacteria everywhere;

(4) The extravagant hopes of free activities and free flying in the future are no longer possible in our lifetime;

(5) It is impossible to return to before 2019;

(6) The way of life, organization, and survival after the virus has been completely changed;

(7) The core interest of the medical king of darkness is to use CCP biochemical weapons to massacre and dominate the world.

(8) Believe that retribution is only the right to inform, and it is not an obligation to persuade family members not to be vaccinated;

(9) Those who have been vaccinated in the future, sink their hearts and face the reshuffle and decisive battle of life.

(10) The emergence of virtual currency and digital currency has a lot to do with this virus crisis;

20. Several homework needs to be done for live broadcast

(1) Look for comrades who understand medicine, especially those who are familiar with vaccine principles and vaccine laws and regulations, and spread knowledge;

(2) Understand the number and distribution of vaccines in the world, and study the impact on the region, economy and survival when 50% and 100% of the problems occur in the future;

(3) The relationship between viruses, vaccines and manufacturers and with CCP;

(4) There will be live broadcast on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday;

21. The situation in Taiwan

(1) Taiwanese who blend with CCP must not believe that the Chinese Communist Party, past landlords, capitalists, private entrepreneurs, and even Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai, and Lin Biao have never had a good death. Believe that the Chinese Communist Party walked into the crematorium.

(2) There is a high probability of more than 95% that they will attack Taiwan. The gambling meeting is going on, not a political game, but a financial game. A minimum of one dollar and a maximum of one million dollars bet. Selective groups can participate.

22. Breaking the news that the revolution is public opinion, popular support, and righteousness. The elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is in line with the needs of human justice;

23. Today’s live broadcast will be a live broadcast (textbook) that politics, religion, and universities in human history will always come back to. Don’t care what others think, how to say, we are a family with a mission to heaven.

24. Dugu seeks defeat. It’s about life and death, and it’s about safety. We must be responsible and take it seriously. Only true is not broken. Please continue to play the rankings for at least two weeks.

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