Theme: Virus disaster, evil vaccine, life and death choice, destiny transition

1. Core tips

The guest’s information is only true and unbreakable. It does not belong to the identity of doctors and scientists. It helps to collect and organize it. It is not guaranteed to be absolutely correct and is only for readers’ reference.

2. Mr. Guo’s views are not personal views, but all come from intelligence and professional feedback.

(1) Four to five military, biological, scientific and technological experts (currently living in Europe) revealed;

(2) Domestic core intelligence sources;

(3) Wuhan P4 laboratory information;

3. Live today to answer two core questions

(1) How does CCP administer poison Virus Covid-19;                        

(2) What does the vaccine bring?

4. Today’s live broadcast effect GTV shows 9.31 million

VPN is about 150,000 to 200,000, the actual number of viewers exceeds 50 million, and the number of transmissions will exceed 300 million;

5. Why are the vaccine doses so different?

Different principles lead to dose differences;

The purpose of the vaccine: to produce spike protein and expand;

The role of the vaccine: Spike protein is the key to open the door of human cells;

The result of the vaccine: blood coagulation, thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, myocarditis, pericarditis, and other human organ failure; it may cause more than 1.3 billion deaths in the world, and take more than 300 million lives in mainland China;

In addition to the huge loss of life and property caused by the vaccine disaster, it will also cause huge changes in the economy, finance, geopolitics, lifestyle, legislative rules, government policies, etc.;

6. The production of vaccines does not conform to routine and logic

The development and production time of the virus vaccine is seriously out of line with the routine. The Chinese Communist Party’s virus vaccine appeared even before the virus appeared. In essence, it is experimenting with large-scale human bodies. The risk is huge and it will cause serious consequences. The vaccine production unit is incredibly protected by exemption clauses;

7. U.S. CDC Fauci takes the lead in blocking hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine has been used safely for decades. It only needs to be tested for therapeutic effectiveness. If hydroxychloroquine can be used as a medicine in emergency situations, the evil vaccine will be lost. This is the core reason why the media has consistently suppressed the hydroxychloroquine prevention program recommended by former President Trump, and Fauci took the lead in blocking hydroxychloroquine;

Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc is effective in prevention, ivermectin is effective in treatment, and Terramycin (transliteration, containing hormones) is also effective;

8. What is in the vaccine?

(1) One shot of Pfizer vaccine contains 40 trillion units of spike protein mRNA, which is more than 60 trillion units of Kexing. Three doses will inject 120 to 200 trillion units of human body. More than 10 times the human body’s tolerance limit.

(2) The spike protein is at the nanometer level, which cannot be seen in routine detection. Intramuscular injection enters the lymphatic system, integrates into the capillaries, opens all the genetic doors of human cells, and waits for the entry of the coronavirus;

(3) The overload of spike protein causes human organs to work overload until organ failure;

(4) Nerves, heart, brain, myocardium, pericardium and even cancer will accelerate and cause death;

(5) The maintenance of organ balance is abnormal, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular are blocked, the oxygen and blood supply is insufficient, and the normal function is lost, resulting in disability.

(6) Lipid nano (graphene) substances permanently stop in the body, no one knows the medium and long-term effects and consequences, and they cannot be removed forever;

(7) The Chinese Communist Party has grafted multiple unknown evil virus genes such as AIDS, Middle Eastern camel disease, and mad cow disease onto the coronavirus genes.

9. Results of vaccination around the world

(1) After being vaccinated with Delta virus in Israel, 70 to 90% of deaths are caused by infection;

(2) Globally, 6 million deaths from COVID-19 infection, of which: 2 million died from unvaccinated and 4 million died from vaccinated;

(3) The Chinese Communist Party’s vaccine first appeared in May/June 2019, and Pfizer’s vaccine was also successfully developed earlier than the virus;

10. It’s not a virus that someone dies from the vaccine all the time

(1) The government has the power to control;

(2) The government controls the review of the doctor’s prescription right license;

(3) The government controls the media to refuse to speak up for hydroxychloroquine; cover up any negative information about the evil vaccine.

The promotion of vaccines is the result of the combined effects of IQ, wisdom, and cognition; human disasters are caused by most people’s misunderstanding of the truth, and it is the result of a very small number of people pushing and manipulating. A very small number of people, the cognition of all people manipulated by technological blind spots, coupled with the needs of political interests, accompanied by a greedy nature, carried out human massacres.

11. The time when European experts came out is the end of the vaccine disaster

Four virus and biological experts are currently hiding in Europe, three women and one man.

12. The new virus rages in the second half of the year

In about 60 days, the virus infection will drop sharply, and then it will rebound rapidly, with a high infection rate and a high mortality rate. The Chinese Communist Party will create an illusion that Pfizer’s vaccine mortality rate is high. Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States have all appeared. After the unprecedented isolation measures, the probability of infection and death is still much higher than last year. Last year, there were 1,000 to 2,000 deaths per 100,000 people, and it currently reaches 5,000 to 6,000.

13. The rate of COVID-19 infection in Africa is surprisingly low

Africa belongs to the largest group of RNA viruses such as AIDS. There is no medical treatment, no masks, and no sanitary conditions. The infection rate of the new coronavirus is the lowest in the world. The reason is that Africans use hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and terramycin (Terramycin) all year round. The indirect effects of other drugs.

14. The evil vaccine is a vaccine that causes organ failure

The new coronavirus gene is implanted with the AIDS gene, and there are other gene fragments that have not been identified to cure the disease. Artificial design, artificial programming, control of infectious biological genetic weapons, color, ethnic group, and human killing weapons. Large-scale viral deaths in India occurred after large-scale vaccination, and the main characteristics of young people died.

15. The Chinese Communist Party’s Tools and Methods of CCP Virus

There is only one answer: vaccines. Vaccines open the door to human immunity is eternal, and the chance of being infected with the new coronavirus is 10,000 times, no longer ten times or a hundred times. The combination of the virus and the vaccine becomes a tool to kill humans.

(1) CCP virus creates fear;

(2) Deceive vaccination of evil vaccines and open the door to human immunity;

(3) Introduce new viruses, combined with vaccines to kill humans planned to kill;

(4) Use the virus to destroy the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar, and take advantage of the trend to replace the U.S. dollar;

(5) Use the antidote to coerce the world and the West to kneel and control and dominate the world;

The crazy plan of the Chinese Communist Party to conquer the world, kill the United States, and eliminate the white plan, and the crazy men on Wall Street and the United States (including Bill Gates), Russia etc., designed and planned a terrifying conspiracy to harm mankind.

16. The outcome of the vaccine disaster is uncontrollable

No one knows what nature will produce in the future. Different life styles in different parts of the natural world will have an impact on the results. For example, the consumption of mustard and chili can also cause the infectious effect of the virus.

17. The Chinese Communist Party has not succeeded in poisoning Virus Taiwan several times

The reason is that Taiwanese often consume mustard, which prevents the Chinese Communist Party virus from spreading in Taiwan. However, if Taiwanese are vaccinated against the evil, the result may change drastically. The vaccine will not only kill oneself, but also the life of the whole family.

18. Side effects of vaccines

(1) Die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or rapid concurrent cancer within two or three years. Any genetic defect will have an infinitely magnified cancer probability, and there is no cure;

(2) Blindness, loss of voice, disability, loss of sexual function, and a bunch of disabilities;

(3) After the third dose of vaccine, there will be an antidote, some people will survive, and some people will die.

(4) Lipid nanomaterials can prefabricate any information, lock each person’s survival time and death time, 200 trillion mRNA will always exist in the human body, leaving unlimited possibilities.

(5) Mankind has entered the nano age, the age of biological weapons, the age of human and technology as one, the beginning of the complete integration of AI technology, and the final control of human beings is AI technology. The age of quantum computers and biological computers is coming, and no one can stop it.

19. Human Dark Forces

The power of the world is manipulated by dark forces such as Wang Qishan, Xi Jinping, Russia, Wall Street’s gangster Bill Gates, etc., or is it controlled by the real legitimate government. When human beings arrive, there will be yesterday and no tomorrow. Yesterday will never come again, and tomorrow will never be again. As we imagined, there will be no more dollar era, nor renminbi era. It must be the era of digital currency, without any doubt.

19. The vaccinated person becomes a lamb to be slaughtered

Mankind is facing a miserable era. It is basically meaningless to live in an era when people do not understand network technology, do not understand biotechnology, and come from a very native country. People with no culture and knowledge will become lambs to be slaughtered after receiving two or three shots of the vaccine.

20. The Chinese Communist Party’s Purpose of Promoting Vaccines

(1) Deal with unstable social burden factors;

(2) Solve the burden of aging and medical care;

(3) The long-term internal policies and objectives of the Chinese Communist Party;

(4) Want young people, get rid of the elderly and sick people; increase the fertility rate;

(5) 300 million elites remain after racial optimization;

(6) There is no choice to inflict harm on the United States, injuring the enemy by 1,000 and self-inflicting 2,000;

21. The Chinese Communist Party is most afraid of Jews and Japanese

Admire the Jewish to the bones, and admire the Japanese to the blood. The high-ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party have agreed that they hope that the Jews and Japanese will disappear. Being too good is the biggest threat to the Chinese Communist Party. The most envied state system is the United States, and the most hated is the United States.

22. It is not the people who benefit the most, but the politicians

France will benefit by consolidating political power in the process. The common people always die more than the rich.

23. The U.S. government knows no more than us

The United States has been infiltrated to the point where it is impossible to add, and there are thousands of windows and holes everywhere. The government changes every four years. The United States does not understand the Chinese Communist Party too much. The most hoped result of the Chinese Communist Party is that all the US military will be vaccinated.

24. The U.S. Army is fully vaccinated, and the mandatory vaccination should end

Because of fear, fear of death, and rogue low-level political opportunists, the American elite society shirks responsibility, especially Wall Street, Hollywood stars, and the military’s implementation of the vaccination policy. The driving force behind it has come out, and the mandatory vaccination is over. The antidote is coming soon.

25. The final decision on the antidote lies in Beijing and Moscow

Antidote is divided into virus antidote and vaccine antidote. The final decision lies with Beijing and Moscow. In this battle of biochemical weapons, the United States and Western countries are the complete losers. Beijing + Moscow + American Madman (the devil raised by money) Bill Gates + American Big Fund (Pioneer, Blackstone) partner is the biggest winner. BGI is a cooperation platform for the People’s Liberation Army, the Ministry of National Security, the National Security Council, Bill Gates, and Western biotechnology. It is a platform for unrestricted warfare, biochemical warfare, and genetic warfare. The others are all tools.

26. Vaccines are the protagonist, viruses are tools

After being vaccinated, even if the positive is good, the vaccine will continue to return to positive. As long as there is one carrier with the virus, CCP will enlarge it indefinitely. Vaccinations again and again will turn unrecoverable viruses into a variety of new viruses;

Vaccines can make people who the Chinese Communist Party does not like, threaten, and do not want to see fall sick and die; the only one sober in the biological war is the New Federal State of China. The United States and Australia are too high-end, and the good times are too long, and the judgment is too strong. Bad.

27, 60 days will change

One shot of the vaccine is completely different from two or three shots. The United States, Israel, and the United Kingdom will cause serious fear before the end of October and will stop the vaccine. The economy collapsed at the end of this year, and the end of next year has two choices of life and death;

27. The G series will have a global rescue plan

G-series investors will definitely have money in multiples of investment, so that our comrades-in-arms will survive. Global assistance, preparations for medicine, law, and mutual assistance will be linked to GTV and Hcoin. Build a global community of justice and destiny.

28. The Source of Communism

Those who are hurt are always ignorant, greedy and fearful of death. After CCP merged with Russia, mankind began to enter the dark age. The United States, Russia, and the Chinese Communist Party of China have the best biological sciences, the United States and Russia have the best biological weapons, and Russia is the best vaccine, which is absolutely top-notch.

28. Signs of the beginning of evil

Since Beijing and Russia signed a $460 billion contract, mankind has entered the most insecure era. Both Beijing and Russia do not want Israel and Britain to be strong, and they do not want the United States to be good. Beijing, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and the Taliban are the axis of evil.

29. The New Federal State of China is the only force capable of turning the tide

The New Federal state of China holds the cipher of the Pandora’s Box of the world’s major reversal, and is the only one capable and capable of reversing the situation. Will definitely win, it’s just a matter of how much it costs.

30. Breaking the news that the revolution is an angel

We are one of the messengers. Many unspoken comrades in the party have made selfless dedication and conveyed the message of God’s help to us on behalf of mankind. We have a mission. Will save many lives.

31. It is recommended that pseudo-classes get vaccinated

Those who don’t believe our Whistleblower, and those who don’t trust the New Federal State of China, are advised to get the vaccine as soon as possible. Believe the Chinese Communist Party you walked into the crematorium soon.

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