From the food issue you can tell the economy problem of China as well as military issue.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】2021.8.20 CCP Food issue


The fundamental issue of food is not about life or death. To China, food means everything. All the issues in China are about two things. The first one is whether the Chinese people get enough food. Historically, people like Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Cheng Yun said Chinese people are like animals as long as they have enough food they don’t bite. Also, you cannot provide too much to them, from Qing’s policy to weaken the public. If you provide them too much, they start to create problems.

This is like how to play with Monkeys. I cannot provide too much food otherwise, you will not cooperate. We have to keep you in half starvation status. You know I will always keep a banana here. This is obvious, all the Chinese issue, from any angle it is all about food whether the Chinese leaders can put emphasis on food basically you can see all the problems he got. From the food issue you can tell the economy problem of China as well as military issue. Does the Chinese want to have a war? Are they ready for a war?

You can tell these issues from food reserve. In Fu Jiang, Xi Meng, Da Lian, Guang Xi, even in Guang Dong. All the reserve indicating war is coming. I can tell you they want to attack Taiwan from last year. When you see the increase of Brazil’s grain exports, and by hiding in these countries, all leading to one answer is they are ready for a war. Another issue you can tell from the food reserve is whether China is stable overall. Once China has any nature disaster, CCP is over, because they know large scale of starvation and short of food are not to be addressed by stability maintenance.

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