In 2017 when Miles Guo first went public to reveal the evil nature and the criminal conducts and plots of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on YouTube, his catchphrase was to save my life, wealth and to revenge , it seemed to be his motive for a couple of years. But to the Whistle blower movement followers, the Movement Miles initiated four years ago, has been saving lives and wealth of not only us 1,4 billion Chinese, but the people in the world. and we have to go on fighting to take down the CCP as the revenge of the justice.

Miles very first press conference in Nov 20, 2017, Miles warned that the dark cloud was coming over the west. In four years, we suffered pitch black clouds of the CCP one after another:

But only 22 years, the CCP declared that the Declaration was as out of date, and brutally suppressed the year- long protests and imposed it’s dictatorship on HK thoroughly in 2020. During the protests, Miles Guo constantly exposed the CCP’s PLA deploy in Shenzhen bordering HK, warned the chemical weapon CCP was to used in HK. Also he told the world that HK protests movement was the first gate for CCP heading for extinction.

Yet these life saving warnings and advices were muzzled and suppressed by WHO, Fauci, big tech, mainstream media, social media, governments. and now we saw the death toll rising, infection cases rising, different variants coming, second phase virus of vaccines mandating…

To save more people, the whistle blower set us GTV, Gnews and Gettr to have the truth and real news heard because only truth can save us. Also the G serial with Gclub Gfashion,Hcoin, Hdollar have saved our money from ripped off by the CCP and greedy Wall Street elites who have sold America to the CCP just for the sake of  5% fee as pimps. 

In Miles live broadcasting on August 18, he said if you’ve learned what CCP had done in Tibet, If you’ve learned what CCP had done during decade long Chinese cultural revolution, cutting people alive to take out livers and heart to eat, you wouldn’t know Taliban had been too gentle comparing with the CCP, thanks to internet that Taliban’s brutality are able to exposed live in the eyes of the world.

The CCP has decided to attack Taiwan and in order to claim Taiwan as its territory under CCP’s dictatorship, as it has done to Hong Kong, it would rather kill all Taiwanese on the island! CCP’s missiles are blindfolded and if the CCP’s 1.5 million missiles hit Taiwan, the first wave would destroy Taiwan’s military bases, airports, highways, and commercial and public facilities. Yet CCP’s cheap missile are made with poor technologies and scary inaccurate in targeting, they may blow up many areas nearby. If Taiwan are not blasted to its knees, CCP’s second wave blast will be so-called gravel multi-warhead missiles with extremely powerful range of destroy. Now CCP’s 1.2 million troops are deployed to defeat Taiwan, and defeat Taiwan thoroughly.

Miles has set his mission to take down the CCP to save life and wealth, because no revenge is up to the justice enough to hold the anti-humanity CCP accountable. Take down the CCP is the only way the world won’t be the next Hong Kong! it is the only way the world won’t suffer as the people in Afghanistan. It’s the only way Taiwan will save from the catastrophe destroy of the CCP’s invasion.

Action, and action fast, let’s take down the CCP.

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