Written by: Ermat

Image Source:  n.eastday.com

According to  Canada-U.S. Finance on Aug. 19, 25,000 U.S. Marines and other Navy personnel are holding exercises to simulate the seizure and control of islands in the Western Pacific. The military exercise is one of the largest exercises since the Cold War. It also represents a shift in strategic focus to the Chinese Communist Party.

The exercise will run through the 27th of this month. It is being held alongside Japanese, British and Australian forces. It is a large-scale global exercise for 2021 in the Indo-Pacific region. The exercise includes aircraft carriers to submarines, with 36 warships and more than 50 U.S. military units participating. In the Indo-Pacific region U.S. forces conduct field training, logistics supply, amphibious landing, air-to-ground operations, air-sea operations and special forces operations.

In the wake of the Taliban’s rapid occupation of Afghanistan, the Chinese Communist Party is attempting to use the Afghan crisis to stoke allies’ concerns about the reliability of U.S. military support. This is particularly aimed at Taiwan. But this military exercise shows that whether it is Taiwan, Israel, or any other country, the U.S. can give firm support as promised. The U.S. military’s strategic focus is also shifting to the Chinese Communist Party.

Source: 《华尔街日报》:逃离阿富汗战争泥潭后,美国能否重拾盟友信任?